Bookings & Tributes

**Available for Booking**

I am currently only taking on a limited amount of sessions a week, for a minimum of two hours. Send me an email to enquire or fill in the booking form below. Due to the increased demand, please be patient if it takes a week or more to reply. I do all my admin personally and will respond within two weeks.

Often mischievous and inventive in my approach to kink, with a sadistic sense of humour and an open mind, finding allure in the most unusual and ‘weird’ requests.
See below for tribute and session information.

Would you like more time with Mistress?

In order to book a session with Me you must fill out the form above However, before this you must have clearly read ALL the information given on My website. If you have any unanswered questions read through my FAQ’s before asking them. Once you have submitted the form I will get back to you when I can, contacting you by email. You can then pay your necessary tributes and deposits.

Sessions at my standard rates are available Monday to Friday, starting 10am – 6pm.
For sessions ending or starting 8pm or later there will be an additional fee.
Weekend appointments available by arrangement.
​​​​​​​Deposits are non-refundable.

If you have followed My instructions correctly I will be in touch with you soon.
You may also contact me by email to book

Introductory Experience

Only available as a first session. The ideal first time experience.
Includes beginner activities like spanking and flogging.

1hr – £480
1.5hr – £530

Note* No access to specialised items, latex etc.


Serve Sakura Experience

My most popular experience.

Includes specific outfit requests:
Latex, leather, latex, PVC, heels, thigh boots, ect

A selection of fetishes and activities from my session page.
Includes pegging.

2h – £620
3h – £780
4h – £990


Apex Experience

An additional £790.

Available as an add on to the Sakura Experience for those with special requirements or would like to spend more time with Mistress. 

Includes a 1hr Initial consultation / face-to-face meet-up.
Play time charged as per sakura experience
Social time/ aftercare for 2h.

Special requirements catered for
Includes: more specialised outfits and activities.

Outfits and activities that take a little more time to prepare for, like latex catsuits, latex vac bed or sweaty/stinky feet straight after the gym, water sports, bespoke role pay and fetishes.

Social Meet-up

Would you like more time with Mistress before and after?
Available as an add-on to Sakura Experience.

2h – £450
Whole evening after session – £840

Shopping trips: minimum spend £590 per 3h of time together.


Personal Slave Days

Minimum 2 days per month.
Booked before the start of month and paid in full.
Only includes domestic servitude, no BDSM play.

£1590 per day


General Info

All listed prices with studio fees.
Currently no longer offering overnight sessions.

Sessions available Mon to Fri 10am – 6pm.
For sessions ending or starting 8pm or later there will be an additional fee.
Weekend appointments available by arrangement. 

So It’s Your First Time?

Ever had a burning urge to suck on a delectable, red painted toe? To be thrown over the knee and spanked like the naughty boy you are? Or, even more naughty, to be dressed like a girl and be taught how to suck cock?

If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

Let me introduce you to the seductive, captivating world of BDSM – here, no fantasy is too weird or strange, but instead sexy and deviant!

I understand well that contacting a mistress for the fist time can be very difficult, so many doubts running through your head; she looks so strict, will she respect me outside of a session? Will my privacy be respected? What is it going to be like? What do I have to do? What if I make a fool of myself?

Firstly, let me reassure you, I don’t bite! (Not unless you have asked for it!) I think there’s a time and place for everything, and outside of a session you’re only expected to be polite and respectful, same as I will be to you.

Secondly, your privacy and limits will be respected, always. Trust is very important between Dominant and submissive, and as a client I can assure you, it is fully confidential.

As for the other questions, rest assured, your time with me will be carefully planned before we meet and bespoke to meet all your fetishes and fantasies in a safe, fun manner, so that you can either experience a little bit of everything and begin to learn more about your submissive side. All you have to do is follow my lead (and as my submissive I only expect your full obedience, unless you’d like a smacked bottom!)

Remember, being nervous is just as normal as when you go on a date for the first time, I am here to take those fears away and carefully push your limits so we can start to enjoy your submissive side. Do not fear, get in touch! Mistress loves popping cherries! 😉

Double Domme

Always surround yourself by those who complement you, not those who compliment you – quality in friendships is everything.

I offer Double Domme sessions with these beautiful Dominants.

Session Cost: Contact for details.

Mistress Morrigan Hel

Sir Claire Black

9th Feb 2023

Calling all Rubber Perverts! 9th of February is DOUBLE TROUBLE with @princesslatexrd! We’re treating some lucky subs to a latex extravaganza, where you’ll be subjected too all things rubber to please your Mistresses! Prices start at £700 for an hour – apply at”

Mistress Lizzy

“I’m a professional heavy rubber dominatrix with a passion for BDSM and kink. I take pleasure in helping you explore your most perverted fantasies. My passions are latex and heavy rubber, BDSM, CP and impact play, breath play and of course pegging.”

Chastity Training & Keyholding

I especially love having you locked up and in charge of when you receive release and what tasks you have to perform in order to earn it. For those who love this fetish as much as I do, and would love to take it one step further, I offer a keyholding service which lasts 4 weeks minimum.

It costs £350 paid monthly, this includes a 1 hour real time session, 3x 15 minute skype sessions and texts through the month as an ongoing chastity agreement.

For chastity devices I recommend House of Denial. They are a good resource both for buying devices and learning more about how to use them. Many of my slaves are locked comfortably in them. Maybe you’ll be next?