Frequently Asked Questions

What should I call you?
You may call me Mistress, Miss, Miss Sakura or just Sakura – whichever feels most comfortable for you.
I expect you to be courteous and I will be the same in return.

How do I book a session?
Contact me via the booking page or send a polite inquiry to In all communication, be well mannered and polite. Make sure you look at my sessions page to ensure you are aware of what I offer and and do not offer. Do not insult me by asking for sexual services.

When will I get a reply?
I try to answer as soon as I am available, but I am a very busy lady and I am not always available for immediate replies. Be patient and wait at least 48 hours before contacting me again. If you haven’t received a reply yet, I probably haven’t had the chance yet.

I am worried about privacy and do not want to be seen at the dungeon.
I totally understand this. You can be assured that I will never discuss you, or any details of our time together, with ANYONE. And I do mean anyone. I don’t share client details with other Mistresses, my closest friends, anyone at all.

I only ever session from studios that are discreet and spotlessly clean. My main dungeon is very close to a tube station, and totally discreet. No one will have any idea what lies in wait for you after you’ve rang the doorbell.

Do you offer discounts or shorter sessions?
I sometimes work with other Mistresses and we arrange promotions and discounts. Keep an eye on my Twitter account @Sakura_Strike for details on these short lived offers.

Will you do an outcall?
Yes, if I already know you and we have already sessioned at least once at a dungeon or on Skype. And also depending on your location. You will have to pay extra to cover my travel and accommodation expenses when I am travelling to you. I never take incalls from home, only at dungeons.

What do you look for in a sub/slave?
You must be respectful of me and my time, punctual and honest. Other than that, age or appearance doesn’t matter at all….I session with the person inside not their outward appearance.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but please remember that whilst I will to make our time together as special as possible, BDSM is my profession. I have a private home life, and you must respect that. After all, I would never intrude on yours!

I won’t date you, have sex with you, marry you – but I will look to build a meaningful rapport and understand your desires and give the best experience possible.

Can I be your personal slave?
BDSM is part of my personal life, and always will be, but I have no need for a new personal slave and this isn’t the purpose of this website. Please understand that.

If I ever require special tasks undertaken, I will state this on my twitter account which is @sakura_strike.

Do you do online sessions?
I can offer online sessions or tasks. I offer online sessions by adultwork or Skype. Tell me how much you wish to spend and what your interests are and we will arrange a time to do these. All online tasks and sessions must be paid for in advance.

Do you offer Financial Domination?
I specialise in real time sessions, but I do have financial slaves too.

I treat them and their fetish with the same respect as my other slaves and submissives. I always take time to understand their needs and limits, and endeavour to make sure they get the best possible experience.

Often the appearance of exploitation can be part of the role play or kidnap fantasy, and believe me if this is what you want I will make it feel very real. But my financial slaves are never, ever exploited or taken advantage of.

Do you have a male slave available for sessions?
Yes, I have a couple of slaves available for forced bi. These will never be available on the same day and must by paid for in full and in advance on booking. Forced Bi payments are non-refundable as they involve a lot of planning and co-ordination with several people.

Can I buy your used stockings, shoes or used underwear?
Yes. Drop me an e-mail to arrange this. I usually have several available for purchase at any one time and am happy to add you to the waiting list.

Can I take you shopping or buy you dinner?
Yes. I charge a different rate for my attention outside the dungeon. Expect to pick me up on my terms. E-mail for details.

Can I buy you presents?
Yes, I like to be sent gift cards from Pandora Deluxe, House of Harlot, Honour, Amazon, Pleaser, Killstar, Dolls kill, Malice Lingerie, Victoria’s Secret, Ann Summers and Selfridges. I also accept money gifts via Circle pay or having my first class travel booked for me. E-mail for details.

When do you session?
By prearranged bookings only. Check my tour dates [] in case I am away from Manchester before you request your booking.

What will my session involve?
They are always fun and enjoyable. My sessions are tailored to both of our likes and are sure to satisfy your needs as a sub/slave. Whilst I like pushing limits, I am careful to ensure no boundaries are broken. I take client safety and aftercare very seriously. You can be sure to be treated with respect at all times.

I only say yes to people I like and think I will have fun with. If I do not like you, I will not say yes. Respect, consent and safety mean more to me than money.

Can I touch you, Mistress?
Unless given express permission, NO you may not touch me at any time. I will consider that disrespectful and will end the session.