Fetishes & Specialities

​I love to role-play and the more eccentric the scenarios you send me, the more thrill I find in indulging in them. I am also a heel fetishist, my collection is ever growing, whether it’s shoes, boots or sandals, if they go on my feet, I will enjoy having your lips and tongue clean and worship them, because the vision of you, on your knees in front of me, eagerly licking and sucking on them, with the knowledge they will after be used to trample you, excites me.

Nothing pleases me more than your servitude. You will be trained as my slave and taught precisely how to make my coffee or pour my drink, you will show your use to me as a footstool or be used as entertainment for flogging. You can also be put in a cage where you will be teased and tormented, a plaything for my personal amusement. Or even, perhaps, you can also be feminized with lingerie and girly clothes… a maid, a slut or a princess, and after have your skirt be pulled up, so you can feel my strap-on deep inside you… depending on what sort of play you prefer… as the most important thing in our time together will always be that you enjoy yourself, and perhaps even earn a forced orgasm if you have worked hard enough for it at the end of our play.

My Specialities

Shoe, Boot, Foot & Leg Worship

Nothing pleases me more than having a good boy or girl show adoration with their lips on my shiny heel, or if they’ve earned it, on my skin…


Nothing gives me more pleasure than having you debase and humiliate yourself for me. Making me laugh is your new life’s purpose. You’ll become so addicted to the arousement of humiliation, you’ll crave it even as we’re away from each other.


Your place is beneath me, and what better way to prove your worth than under my heel, my weight pressing upon you making you unable to escape?


Having you all restrained whether by ropes, cuffs, cling films, body bags… and whichever other creative methods I find to show you just how much control you’ve lost is a passion of mine. What will happen from here on is fully dictated by how you behave…

Corporal Punishment

Pain and pleasure go hand in hand. Want to prove yourself to me? Show me your strength by how much physical strain you’ll endure for me. Make me proud. Let me abuse you and torment you and offer you rewards for each punishment taken well.


Locked up, sensory deprived and kept. Will you ever be set free? Will you be ignored? Perhaps I’ll come and tease you every once in a while… Either way, you have no escape or control. You’re my plaything now.

Latex Rubber

I love making you a slave to my latex. So tight and shiny around my skin… All you can do is helplessly shudder with the smell of my warm rubber clouding your senses and vision. You’re mine now, you’ll release all control just to feel it on your lips.


Mean girl who bullies you and humiliates you? Guard who takes you captive and interrogates you? Mail order bride from hell? Perhaps an alien invader who has abducted you to peg you and experiment with your human body even… Name a fantasy. I’ll make it mine and you’ll fall deep into it.

Tease & Denial

I love to take you to the edge of your senses, and keep you there for as long as I like… A play thing to be used by me as I see fit. It amuses me to arouse you and know you have no control of the outcome. I especially love as you beg for release time and time again… But you should know, all orgasms must be earned.


All subs should be locked up. Keys held by me, helplessly under my control. I dictate if you receive pleasure… Or a ruined orgasm. Unlocking, only to have my way with you and then back in your device shows you who’s in control. And you’re so helplessly addicted to it.


Are you a sissy or a slut? Let’s find out. Sissies like to dress up and wear frilly panties. Sluts like thongs and to try out all my strap ons. I’m dying to find out who you are.


Nothing makes you more helpless than handing over control of your card details. We already know how much you require to survive. And how much you can dispose of… How much will be left for you at the end of the month? Enough for you to treat yourself, or will it all be for your spoiled capricious mistress? It’s a gamble only for the most daring.

Anal & Strap-on

I love a good slut who can take my strap on and show me how well they suck. How much of a slut are you? You’ll show me this with all your holes.

Other Fetishes You May Wish To Indulge In

Anal Play
Armpit/Sweat Fetish
Boot Fetish
Breath Play/Asphyxiation
Cock Milking
Cross Dressing
Cock & Ball Torture
Castration Fantasy
Corporal Punishment
Double/Multi Domme
Domestic Servitude
Dinner Dates
E-Stim/Electric Play

Extended Sessions
Financial Domination
Forced Feminization
Foot Fetish/Worship
Face Slapping
Gas Masks
Hand/Nails Fetish
Human furniture
High Heels
Leg Worship
Mind Fuck/Play
Needle Play/Piercings
Nipple Torture
Orgasm Control/Denial
Physical Humiliation
Pony Play
Pet/Puppy Play
Post Orgasm Torture
Rubber Fetish

Role Play
Ruined Orgasms
Shoe Fetish/Worship
Slave Training
Shopping Trips
Slut Training
Sadistic Domination
Sensual Domination
Small Penis Humiliation
Tie and Tease
Verbal Humiliation
Wax Play

My Hard Limits

Sexual Services, including nude/topless sessions, kissing, hand jobs, oral/reverse oral, rimming and full sex. Intimate body worship.

Bestiality or anything involving animals.

Adult Baby/Age Play, incestuous or
paedophilic fantasies.

Wrestling, ‘Beat-Down’/No Safeword sessions

Tobacco / Smoking Fetish – I’m allergic
and can’t be in closed spaces with smoke.

Hardsports including Scat/Caviar,
Vomiting/Roman Showers and Blood Sports.

My Soft Limits

Smelly feet – I’ve been told my feet don’t smell,
so book with that understanding.

Sweat. Phlegm. Farting.

Water sports and Face Sitting.
Will do with clients I know well who have earned it.

Fetish Wear

One of my personal kinks is fetish wear, I love dressing up, and as such I have an ever growing wardrobe with lots of sexy clothing and lingerie, along with (my personal favourite!) an even vaster selection of high heel shoes, sandals and boots…

Ask politely and you may get to see me wearing…

Latex or Leather – Skirts, pants, shorts, dresses, leotards, lingerie, Expensive Lingerie – Satin, Silk, Lace, Leather, PVC, Nylon, Garter Belts and Stockings, Evening gowns, Oriental attire – Kimono, Cheongsam, Ao-zhai, Roleplay outfits – School uniform, Cheerleader uniform, Hot Teacher, Evening Gowns, Little Black Dresses, Mean Goth Girl Clothes.

That said, gift cards are a girls best friend! Treat me to my favourite brands, take me shopping, mail it or present it to me when we meet for session! I love being spoiled to new clothes, shoes, BDSM equipment and toys. And what better way to make a lasting good impression than to spoil me with something from my wish list? Contact me for details.

Erotic & Sadistic Tools

Paddles, whips, canes, floggers, crops, various CBT and NT implements, E-stim, small violet wand, large vintage violet wand, strap-ons, anal toys, plugs, dildos, gags, gas masks, hoods, heavy metal chains, sissy/TV wardrobe, cuffs, humbler, shock collar, collars, needles, chains, chastity devices, dildos, butt-plugs, magic wand vibrators and several long pieces of rope.

There is a vast collection of kinky toys, but if you’re interested in a specific item that is not listed here, drop me a line, as I might already have it.

BDSM Furniture

Bondage Bed/Bench
Leather Gyno/Bondage Chair
St Andrews Cross
Spanking Bench
Interrogation Chair
CBT/Trampling Table
Smother box
Suspension Frame

Location & Equipment

I session from the spacious, luxury Peacock’s Parlour BDSM studio, located in Holloway, London. The studio has both a dungeon space and more domestic setting, suitable for sitting, relaxing and talking. It is suitable for play, filming and the occasional private party.

The studio is extremely clean, all the equipment is cleaned thoroughly before and after each session, condoms are always used on any anything that goes on any orifice, hygiene and safety are very important to me. There are refreshment & shower facilities (clean towels and toiletries) provided for my guests, so you are welcome to have a shower before or/and after the session (and an enema if you so wish).

The location is discreet and secure so that your safety, privacy & discretion is assured, there is also on-street parking available nearby for those of you brave or foolish enough to drive in central London.