I always have the most wonderful feedback emails from my submissives. So many of you take the time to write back and let me know what I’m doing right and it always makes my day! Thank you, I’m honoured you’ve chosen me to be your Mistress. 🖤

Mistress Sakura has found my triggers, both verbal and physical, and uses them without mercy to make this slave helplessly obedient and desperate to please; craving humiliation and willing to abase myself for Her amusement. She judges the mix of pain and pleasure to perfection, always leaving me with a desire for more.

Her eyes have a hypnotic power and that certain look leaves this slave with an overwhelming desire to kneel at Her feet. She brings all those feelings to the surface in a way that’s impossible to resist. Though Her warmth and joy in what she does is obvious, her sadistic nature is never far from the surface.

I was desperately worried before the session, that I was going to end up disappointed. I have been fantasising about being dominated for as long as I can remember. I have wanted a session with a dominatrix since the first time I learnt that such things were possible. I have been waiting to submit to someone like you for practically my whole life. I had built it all up in my mind to such a degree that I was certain the reality could not possibly match my expectations.

Which just goes to show how wrong a person can be. I had an incredible time. You were amazing. You – quite literally – made my dreams come true. I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me.

It it remarkable how, at times, you knew what I needed more than I did. My whole experience was massively enhanced by your understanding of my kinks and needs; by your ability to adapt and to roleplay to them; and by your generosity in accommodating my clothing fetishes. I am straying into the personal here… but you looked incredible. You are arrestingly beautiful (even more so than in your pictures), and the way you carry and comport yourself in session is part of what made the whole thing so wonderful for me.

I wanted to say a little thank you for a wonderful time at Club Pedestal. It was such an honour to accompany you for the evening. There are so many memories from the night that make me smile but kneeling by your side while you spoke with friends and occasionally petted me is one of my favourites. 
Licking the soles of your dirty boots was a dream come true. Crushing my balls with your boots and putting ice in my pants, these were all wonderful ways to be humiliated as I requested., but I also felt very safe with you, checking I was ok as we went along. 
Pouting a drink over my head was the ultimate humiliation. Like the hottest girl in school humiliated me in front of the class. I hope I may be allowed to accompany you to a future event.

I’d like to thank you so much for our incredible session. I’m not sure words can express how blissful it was to serve you. I finally understand what subspace is. Everything was perfection and days later I’m still smiling.

I’ve never admitted to anyone I have a lipstick fetish before and the way you incorporated that and all my interests was mind-blowing. Everything felt so personalised and intimate. Being encouraged to lose myself in my fetishes so completely, guided by you, was intoxicating. I adored being one of your ‘boys’ and really felt like a cared for pet that belongs on your leash.

I especially enjoyed the intimacy of your nipple torture, your skill with CBT and my face brushing against your latex when allowed to smell it. I must confess, I could have taken more knees to the balls. Some full kicks too. I hope that’s something we can build on in future.

I just realised I hadn’t thanked you for our session last week and wanted to say what an amazing time I had. You continue to surprise and delight me guiding me on my submissive journey. I loved the humiliation over dinner and shining your rubber again was heavenly. Feeling the warm rubber of your catsuit pressing against me is something I think of often and the ringed Kali’s teeth (along with your teasing) was everything I hoped and feared it would be. Torturous bliss at the hands of my beautiful rubber Mistress. 


I have been serving Domme Sakura for about a year now. Part of that service has been exploring my sissy side. This has accelerated recently due to an unexpected shopping trip.

We met at a café and had a drink and a chat over coffee and a sandwich. Mistress explained what was going to happen. We were going to go to several shops and look for underwear and clothes for me to wear. She asked me if I knew my sizes and I told her what I remembered them to be from the last time I had gone shopping. When we had finished our drinks, we left the café and headed to the nearest department store. There we started browsing the racks.

The first rack she took me to held a lot of pink tops. She decided that pink was definitely Rose’s (my sissy name) colour. She picked out a couple of tops for me to look at and asked me which one I preferred. I decided on both. Next we went into the lingerie section. Again pink was the theme and a selection of different style bras and matching knickers were presented for choice. I came out with a number of sets, all in pink, which I am sure will be worn at some point.

All through this I was feeling very self conscious of being in public and demonstrating my sissy nature. This was a thrill to me as was the pleasure of spending quality time with Mistress. Next time I see Mistress I am sure I will be expected to wear some of those items for her.