Tribute Details

My tribute details are below. Do also read my booking page.

Introductory Experience

Only available as a first session. The ideal first time experience.
Includes beginner activities like spanking and flogging.

1hr – £480
1.5hr – £530

Note* No access to specialised items, latex etc.


Serve Sakura Experience

My most popular experience.

Includes specific outfit requests:
Latex, leather, latex, PVC, heels, thigh boots, ect

A selection of fetishes and activities from my session page.
Includes pegging.

2h – £620
3h – £780
4h – £990


Apex Experience

An additional £790.

Available as an add on to the Sakura Experience for those with special requirements or would like to spend more time with Mistress. 

Includes a 1hr Initial consultation / face-to-face meet-up.
Play time charged as per sakura experience
Social time/ aftercare for 2h.

Special requirements catered for
Includes: more specialised outfits and activities.

Outfits and activities that take a little more time to prepare for, like latex catsuits, latex vac bed or sweaty/stinky feet straight after the gym, water sports, bespoke role pay and fetishes.


Social Meet-up

Would you like more time with Mistress before and after?
Available as an add-on to Sakura Experience.

2h – £450
Whole evening after session – £840

Shopping trips: minimum spend £590 per 3h of time together.


Personal Slave Days

Minimum 2 days per month.
Booked before the start of month and paid in full.
Only includes domestic servitude, no BDSM play.

£1590 per day


General Info

All listed prices with studio fees.
Currently no longer offering overnight sessions.

Sessions available Mon to Fri 10am – 6pm.
For sessions ending or starting 8pm or later there will be an additional fee.
Weekend appointments available by arrangement.