A blog entry from a slave follows.

I may be a reckless idiot…

Some general banter on Twitter with Mistress Sakura today led to her issuing me with a challenge – serve her for seven days. Seven days in which she would have complete control over my chastity. Being one to never back down, I accepted her challenge without question.

Yes, I am already regretting that decision.

There quickly followed a series of messages outlining her intentions for me. She would have complete control of my sexual life. I had to ask permission for every sexual experience, every orgasm. It would be on trust – no devices, just my own willpower. Oh, and 10 metre of rope and some other items I need to acquire tomorrow from a clothes shop.

So, tomorrow morning I have to send a message to Mistress Sakura to receive her instructions for the day… I have to do that every day from then until next Sunday and log all my thoughts and actions in a blog post I am to send to her to post on her site. I am looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. I only have the barest hints of what to expect while I am at her mercy…

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