High heeled designer boots, short leather skirt. This is how Mistress Sakura Strike might dress when you come to be trampled by her.

Be trampled under my heels

How much do you really want to be under my heels? To find yourself trampled by me? Will you beg for me to step on you? To walk across your back? To press on you with my sharpest heels? What are you prepared to suffer for your luxurious and dominant Goddess? How much pain are you prepared to endure to be allowed to enjoy my company, to be wrapped in my world?

You will attend on me at my chambers, I will greet you and wait on my throne while you strip yourself naked. You will then kneel for me, your back straight and your head down, as a good submissive should be when presenting to his Mistress, I will inspect you. Walk around you in my heels and examine you, ensure you are a suitable subject to be trampled by me, Are you fit? Clean? Strong enough to bear the pain I will bring? I hope you are, You are about to perform a powerful act of submission, to offer yourself in worship to a superior being. You need to be worthy of that honour.

Once I have inspected you and you are found worthy, I will sit back on my throne and present my heels for you to worship. Let you get to know them, intimately, before they are used on you. Let you lick the length of them, take it all into your mouth, make them clean with your tongue. I expect everything to be perfect before I use you as my trample mat. Once I am satisfied that all is well, you will be told to lie face down in front of me.

Depending on my mood, I may decide to restrain you. There may be a hood or a gag put on you or maybe a blindfold to restrict your senses. I might not want you to be struggling or making too much noise while I trample you. Your senses might need to be limited so you are only focused on me and the sensations of my feet and heels on your back. I want you thinking about how privileged you are to have this experience, how many have only dreamed of feeling my feet press into the skin of their back as I walk across them.

I will start slowly, little presses of my feet on your skin from where I am sat on my throne. Probing you, pressing into your flesh a little harder each time. Judging how much you can take. Tracing my toes over you and pressing in the sensitive parts. Teasing you with what is to come.

Then I will stand up and move to stand over you. That is when the real trample experience will begin.

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