This is a short story written by one of my slaves for your entertainment. It is very hot and wet…

“Are you comfortable there, my slave? All wrapped in tight latex, sat upright in that oh so straight backed bondage chair? I’ve made sure the straps are extra tight for you today because I know how much you love extreme bondage. Though I have to say I was surprised when you agreed to this today. Agreed to be tied in tight latex for as long as I desired it on a day as hot as this. It amused me to know you were prepared to suffer for me in this way. It is a very hot day out there and my dungeon chambers are not very well air conditioned. You must be sweating a lot in there, are you?

“Of course, you cannot answer me, I know. I made sure your mouth was well sealed with a long tube pushed into it and firmly strapped in place around the thick material of your hood. You can breathe through it, when I let you, but you can’t really talk You also have no hearing, your ears are plugged with headphones connected to my phone. You can hear me when I speak, hear what I am telling you now, but you cannot hear anything else. As for your vision, I could have used a blindfold but I had a better idea. The thing over your eyes is a virtual reality headset.I have it turned off at the moment, which is why it is so dark. Once I turn it on, you will see whatever I choose to show you.

“It is a shame you can’t see anything, really. I am looking so good for you right now. As I said, it is very hot in here so I have stripped down. I’m all set for the beach in a very sexy bikini. I bet you wish you could see it? Maybe one day you will. I could take you to the beach, in your tight shorts, your little chastity device causing a suspicious bulge in them as you walk down the beach behind me in my skimpy bikini. For now, though, you can only imagine what I look like in it as I play with you in your predicament.

“Oh, don’t worry, you will get some entertainment. I control your senses now, I decide what you see and hear. I also control what you will feel and smell. I’ll keep a careful eye on your arousal and play you visuals and audio to keep you aroused but I won’t let you get close to completion. In fact, whenever you get close, I will change what you see and hear and press the little red button.

The little red button that controls the cattle prod that is pressing on your testicles right now.

Every time you get too aroused, every time I see your little thing start to throb, I press the button and play you something less arousing for a time. I am going to keep you in this state for as long as it amuses me..

Just as a warning, I have a feeling that your screams are going to amuse me for a very long time.

But I am not a total monster. I do have some compassion, I won’t let you get too hot and I certainly won’t let you dehydrate on me. There are some fans I have set up around you. They will blow cold air on you.. Of course, there is a twist to this too. You see, I have connected the fans to some electrodes taped to your nipples. When I turn the fans on, the electrodes also have power going through them. Quite a predicament, you can only get cool when you are in pain. I am interested in finding out which state you prefer.

As for fluids, you will have plenty of those. That tube i mentioned, the one in your mouth, is connected to a reservoir. I can turn a tap and let you have some fluid whenever I want. Lovely cold fluid flowing into your mouth to stop you getting too thirsty while you suffer for me.I guess you want to know what the fluid is? Good question, my sweet. Of course it isn’t water, that would be too easy. I’ve been preparing for this for a while now, collecting it all and refrigerating it so it is nice and cold. Every day, a liter or so more added to the bottles in my store. Now there is enough of it to give you enough to last a good while and I can keep adding more as needed

. I’m sure you have already worked out what the fluid is. Would you like a little taste before we begin? A sample of what delightful flavours await you through your ordeal? Let me just turn the tap…

There, how did that taste? A bit salty, another flavour you cannot identify? Lovely isn’t it. You are privileged to taste this, I hope you understand that? Very few get to sample such rich and sacred tastes.

And, for you, my special slave, I have so much of it to give you.

So, get comfortable, enjoy the images and sounds I will play for you, feel the tight and hot restraint. Struggle and moan as much as you like and imaging me here watching you, in my lovely bikini, my fingers poised over that little red button. Waiting to press it…”

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