Corporal Punishment is what most people think of when visiting a Professional Dominatrix. They expect to be tied down and beaten, struggling against the painful strokes of a cane or whip. It isn’t everything that I do, I have a very wide repertoire of kinks to play with, but I am always ready to punish you if you choose to throw yourself on my mercy and beg my forgiveness..

.Domme Sakura Strike in black corsetry holding a cane.You’ll come to me as a supplicant. Head bowed, hands behind your back, the very image of contrition¬† You think you are sorry for whatever it is you did, whatever wrong deeds you are guilty of. You are ready to confess, ready to suffer for your Mistress. Ready to take whatever I choose to give you as punishment.

I’ll order you to strip. Confession is an act of exposure, of vulnerability and I want you to feel vulnerable as you kneel and tell me everything. I’ll sit on my throne, running my fingers over the leather of my crop as I listen to you tell me everything, Every little secret, every guilty pleasure, everything you don’t want anyone else to know but you are choosing to tell me. Confession is good for the soul, after all. I will listen and I will judge. Of course I will judge you guilty. There is really no other option in my court. You are here, you are confessing, you are guilty. Punishment is inevitable, the only question is how.

I have a vast range of whips, paddles and crops to choose from. I’ll use thick, leather straps to tie you down. Positioned so your bottom is exposed at just the right height for me and your balls are hanging in a very accessible way. I’ll pull on a pair of leather gloves and use them to spank your behind, several hard slaps to each cheek. To see how red they get. But that is just a warm up while I decide what other tools to use on you.

Will it be the crop? The tawse? The paddle? Will you be lucky enough to experience the bullwhip or feel the sting of my single tail whip? So many options, some more painful than others. I might stick to one or I might try out a few on you. I might even blindfold you so you don’t know what I am going to be using until it hits you. Whatever I use, it will test and push your endurance..

Afterwards, of course, it will be time for aftercare,. After all, I want you ready for the next time you feel you need punishment.

Book a session with me and tell me why you deserve to be punished?