Mistress Sakura Strike, in lingerie and thigh high boots, drinks the coffee a sissy maid has brought her.

I drink the coffee you have brought me while I ponder your fate.

Feminisation games are ones I love to play. There is something about helping someone find their inner sissy and bringing it out to the fore, exploring their fantasies and desires, that appeals to me. I like to think of my chambers as a safe space for all fetishes and kinks but this one in particular is special to me. I really do appreciate my sissy boys. Some of my long term slaves are sissies and they serve me well.

A session with me might involve a little bit of sissification. Maybe I have you in silk panties, perhaps I even ask you to wear them when you attend on me? Or I find you something pink or frilly to wear while I do other things to you? Perhaps you feel more comfortable in satin panties while I am having you worship my heels or taking you with my strap on?

Are you the sort of slut who enjoys that? Do you feel humiliated when you are wearing the pink satin? What about when I add lipstick to your face or ask you to strut in front of me in heels as if you were on a catwalk? Or do you feel secret pleasure in these things? If so, I will know and will work to bring it out into the open.

We might also do a full session. Get you dressed, made up. The full works. I can make you into the prettiest princess, with luxurious fabrics clinging to your body, your face a feminine picture of beauty. I will guide you and train you in how to do everything needed to become who you really are. Then you can parade for me, show yourself off. A full pamper session. Be my pretty princess in pink satin.

Maybe you can serve as my sissy maid? Bring me my coffee and see to my every whim. Be warned, however, I can be exacting. I will expect the best service from only the best dressed maids. Your wig is a mess? Your stockings are crooked? Your make up smeared? I will correct you firmly. When you make my coffee, you had better know how I like it and when you bring it to me, be careful you know how to walk in your heels properly so you do not spill any on my clean floor. Maids who do that will be made to clean it up with their tongues.

If you are looking to explore your feminine side, whether it is for the thrill of humiliation or a genuine desire to explore your identity or to serve me as a maid, you should contact me to make a booking. I will take you in hand and guide you to where you want to be – at my feet, dressed like the pretty little feminine thing we both know you are.