Today I indulged in some anal play with a slave. It was his first time. An anal virgin all to myself.

I do enjoy having a slave tied securely, completely at my mercy and positioned so that his arse is conveniently placed

for my attentions. I usually start with the prostate, just to get him ready. A lubed finger inserted to gently massage him and get those fluids moving. That gets him nice and aroused. Then I might take him to the edge, several times. Carefully denying him the pleasure of orgasm but driving him wild with teasing touches.

Once he is nicely on the edge, it is time to make a start. A number of toys to stretch and open him up to me, increasing in size as he gets more and more lost in the sensations, to the point he barely notices the pain. Toys with ridges and toys that buzz and press to all the right places. By the time I am done with him he is begging for me to allow him release.

Of course he never gets it.

Instead he ends up taking the full length of my strap on as I grind against him. My anal virgin no longer a virgin.

If you feel you are up to taking my strap on like my brave, virginal slave today you can email and book an anal session with me.