A blog entry from a slave follows.

The first day… I was still not certain what to expect from Mistress Sakura today. As soon as I was on my way to work, I sent my daily report to her with my schedule as ordered and waited for her to contact me.3f2a86a0-825d-0133-0d04-0e34a4cc753d

It was around mid-morning that I got the first message reminding me of my obligations. I was under her complete control for seven days and specifically today was not allowed any sexual activity, especially not if it leads to an orgasm. Her final sentence in that message was to order me to await further instructions, keeping my phone on hand all day so I can respond to all her requests.

It was about an hour later I got the order… she wanted a photograph sent to her. Specifically, a photograph of a red-headed man having sex doggy style with a woman. The deadline was 12pm.

This was difficult. First of all, I was at work and so limited both in time and what I could find on my phone. That was only a minor issue compared to the other problem – a lack of red headed men in porn. Actually, that is not true. There are many red headed male porn actors. However, it seems a lot of them mostly feature in gay porn. If Mistress had asked for red headed man having sex with another man I could have done that easily. But she asked specifically for doggy style with a woman. By the time the deadline came about I had no choice but to admit defeat on this task. I tried to get away with a technicality (see image – well the male figure is red headed) but it did not wash with the strict Mistress Sakura. She was disappointed in me and set me another task to make up for my failure – this time to find a curvy brunette woman who was being taken doggy style. This was easier to achieve but did feel like a failure.

Her next question, a little while later, was whether the previous task had aroused me. I told her that it had and she demanded proof. There then followed a trip to the toilet to take an appropriate photograph to demonstrate how aroused I was. It was quite humiliating taking and sending this photo.

Throughout the day the messages continued. Mistress deliberately trying to tease me, to build on that arousal. She described what she was wearing, some beautiful purple and black underwear, and left me wishing I had not agreed to this challenge.

Just before writing this blog, she sent me a message to be ready tomorrow for more of the same. She specifically told me to have some female underwear ready…

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