A blog entry from a slave follows.

The second day was to be all about underwear… and shopping

My orders from the day before were to dress in knickers, stockings and suspenders under my normal work clothes. The feel of the lace and the tight elastic of the suspenders was a constant arousing sensation that did not match well with the fact I was still under orders to be chaste.

The first instruction appeared late in the morning and was a demand for proof that I had done what was expected of me. So I had to go to the toilet, strip off my outer clothes and reveal that I was indeed wearing my pink frilly lace knickers and a set of stockings and suspenders. Once I had done that I was allowed to go back to work and told to report when it was time for lunch.

Lunch came and with it another order – find a public toilet, not one at work, and send her a photograph of cum in my left hand. The good news was that I was allowed to cum. I made sure to check because I had horrible visions of still being on cum restriction and having to work out how to achieve this task. The issue was finding a public toilet. I headed into town and the only public toilet I could find that did not involve having to go into a café or bar to buy a drink was the one in the local shopping mall. The surprisingly busy shopping mall for a weekday afternoon with a very crowded toilet. I managed to get into a cubicle, get my release and send the appropriate evidence before heading back to work.

The afternoon brought with it some shopping tasks designed to arouse me, which they did even though I had only recently had an orgasm. First I was fortunate enough to receive a photograph of Mistress in her underwear. She told me that she needed some new underwear and wanted me to research suitable ones for her. This was followed by a similar task – this one about sex toys. At the end of this task I was asked to find a private place and cum again, this time videoing myself doing it for her to watch. This was the most difficult task due to the need to keep the phone camera aimed in the right place while filming. The thought of sending such an intimate video to Mistress was also quite daunting.

The final task I was set was when I got home. Again I was allowed, in fact expected, to cum and show Mistress evidence that I had done so in the way she requested – by inserting a finger into my backside. Not only was this a challenge with the camera (you try arranging a camera without a selfie stick in a way where you can see a finger inserted into your own anus and activate the shutter, it is not easy…) but it was also a challenge to perform. A body unused to orgasm more than once a day was now having to do it for a third time and it took a mite longer than normal. Nevertheless, I managed it and sent the evidence and was told I was allowed to rest for the night…

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