A blog entry from a slave follows.

As today was more or less in the middle of my agreed period of service it was laid aside for reflection on the challenge so far. The task I was given at the start of the day was to carefully consider what it was like to experience service under Mistress Sakura Strike.

I am sure I do not need to describe her beauty, The photographs on her site and those that have been included with these blog posts adequately achieve that. Though I do consider that the photos are a pale imitation of her in person. What I should describe is her mind and how she uses it to dominate. The tasks that have been set for me so far this week have been challenging and imaginative. Mistress Sakura is an intelligent and demanding Domme who is not only capable of thinking up interesting and thoughtful ideas to ‘entertain’ a submissive but is also capable of adapting quickly to changes in a situation. For example, if I could not find appropriate equipment or materials for a task she has managed to change it at very short notice without impacting the challenge.

My week so far has had me both dreading and longing for the sound of my phone’s ringtone. That is part of the thrill of a long distance relationship with a Domme – never knowing when she would deign to contact me. I made sure at the start to change the tone linked to her number changed to a unique one so I always knew it was a message from her and not a random Facebook or Twitter notification. Even so, every time it buzzed or made another noise, I still checked just in case it was her. My days have so far been made up of long periods of wondering when she will send a message followed by periods in which messages come thick and fast, demanding results on tasks or teasing me with some erotic words or photos. This random element driven by a devious intelligence set on driving me insane with arousal is what makes service to Mistress Sakura so challenging and so attractive.

To book a session with Mistress Sakura Strike contact her on her email domme.sakura@gmail.com.