A blog entry from a slave follows.

The theme for day 5 was rope. Which was why I was instructed to wear the rope harness that had been prepared yesterday. This was a basic Shibari harness that produced a diamond pattern on the front of my chest and looped between my legs, around my cock and balls and up my back. There were knots carefully placed to interact with different parts of my body – in particular there was one just below my balls and another pressing into my anus.

The effect of these knots along with the thought of the harness hidden under my clothes all day added to the level of frustration and arousal triggered by yesterday’s play. Of course there was also the teasing texts sent by Mistress too. Luckily (or maybe not) today she was feeling generous because I had done so well yesterday. So, I was instructed to make sure I had a creamy dessert after lunch and send her the evidence.

Before I could do that, however, I had a morning of work to get through and a task to complete for Mistress. I was to write a message thanking her friend for her help yesterday.

Lunchtime came and I ate quickly, looking forward to dessert. I took myself off to the toilet and made sure I cleaned up properly afterwards – using my tongue to eat my treat after taking the evidence photo and sending it to Mistress.

The final task for today was to acquire some items for day 6. Specifically, some hazelnuts and a packet of condoms. This was the result of my making an unwise comment about hamster cheeks on Mistress’s twitter feed this morning…

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