A blog entry from a slave follows.

So… Hazelnuts… I bet you were wondering why I was asked to acquire hazelnuts and condoms for today? Well, I made an unwise comment on Twitter about rodents holding nuts in their cheeks and that gave Mistress ideas… so my orders for today were to put some hazelnuts into a condom and stuff it between my cheeks. My arse cheeks. Manchester Mistress Sakura could put many things in there…

The orders were to insert just more than I believed would be comfortable. The aim being to allow awareness of their presence but not to be too painful. I chose four. They went in easily, so easily I wondered if I should have added more.

This was an interesting experience. I have experienced anal play before, but I am no expert and have certainly never experienced it long term. Like many of the tasks this week – the underwear and the rope harness especially – the sensations were mild but prolonged. It was a constant awareness of a slight pressure inside me plus the occasional click of feeling the nuts collide with each other. It was something I could tolerate but not something I could easily forget. If anything the thing most likely to cause issues was the dangling end of the knotted condom which I was scared would give me away while I was getting changed in the gym.

In total I had these nuts in me for 8 hours – from 11am when Mistress sent me a message telling me my task up until 7pm when I got the message giving permission to remove them. In that time I went shopping, prepared and ate lunch, went swimming and did my daily exercises. These tasks were only slightly more difficult as a result of my predicament, the main issues being the worry of being discovered while changing in the gym.

When I took them out it was a relief but it did leave me wondering what was in store for me on day 7, the final day of this challenge.

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