Today I decided to head to Leeds to attend Euphoria, a monthly kink event that takes place in Club Isis on the first

Heading to Leeds – a kinky road trip!

Saturday of every month. Euphoria is a popular event that is well attended and fully equipped with all the kinky equipment you might need. Certainly everything that a devious Domme might want to use when torturing any subs that got in her way.

I took the opportunity while there to practise my Shibari on some new guinea pigs. It is always a good idea to keep in practise whenever you have the chance and useful to be able to try out new ideas before showcasing them on clients in the dungeon.

I also took the chance to do a Double Domme/double sub session with a lovely pair of submissives – one male, the other female. We indulged in some electrical play which everyone seemed to enjoy a lot.

It was a very enjoyable day for me and one I hope to repeat another time.

If you want to experience first hand the Shibari skills I have been developing today or find out if you can tolerate the intensity of my electrical play why not contact me by email