A blog entry from a slave follows.

The final day. My instructions for this one were to not touch myself at all – ‘not even to pee, not even with gloves’. Quite a difficult task to achieve, especially the going to the toilet aspects of it. Of course, Mistress had planned it that way so that I was forced to sit on the toilet like a girl and therefore work some feminisation into the mix.

Throughout the day I had to do a lot of careful thinking before I conducted any action. As a man I feel you are sometimes unaware of how often you touch yourself. Not necessarily in a sexual way or to give yourself pleasure but more often merely to scratch or readjust. Being denied this was a very subtle form of torture. Denial of any form immediately creates a frission whereby you want to do that thing even if you previously had no interest in it – something maybe those behind prohibition policies might want to bear in mind sometimes. I managed to resist, however, and succeeded in going the whole day without touching myself at all.

My final task came in the middle of the day. I was to be permitted to cum under her control one final time but I had to send her a photograph of the evidence covering her name written on my hand before a set time… I achieved this and sent the evidence to her before deadline and ended my service to Mistress Sakura Strike.

It has been an interesting week in which I have learned a lot about myself and my desires. I have experienced new things and found out something of what it is like to give yourself over to a dominant woman completely. It is an experience I am certainly keen to try again sometime.

If you want to find out if you can survive the Seven Day Itch or you wish to book a real time session with Mistress Sakura Strike contact her by email domme.sakura@gmail.com. I am sure she will be keen to take your call.