I do like to have a man at my feet, doing what they do best which is take care of my pretty size 4 feet. My feet need a lot of pampering and I like nothing better than lying back comfortably while someone else does all the work for me.

Only the most skilled and gentle slaves are allowed to touch my feet. If you are given the opportunity you should consider yourself honoured and be careful not to mess it up. The last slave who was too rough with a manicure regretted his life choices soon afterwards and will never have the privilege of touching my feet again. And you want to lick and suck on my toes, don’t you? So don’t make the same mistakes he did.

Once my feet have been pampered I may choose to give you a treat. For the dedicated fetishist, I have a selection of high heels and boots for you to enjoy. They also need attention, especially when I have been outside in the wet and mud of the British summer. Lots of licking required to shift all that mud… Or you may enjoy some trampling, or perhaps those vicious heels might be pressed somewhere delicate. You don’t need your balls to be intact, do you?

If you want to worship at my feet, why not contact me to book a session? You can always send me an email on domme.sakura@gmail.com.

If you really want to please me, you can also send me a pair of the boots or shoes on my wish list.