My recent visit to M.A.R.S gave me an idea for a roleplay scenario I would love to play out some day: Alien Autopsy.

Manchester Mistress Sakura visits the Area 51 dungeon at M.A.R.S

The scene is a deep underground laboratory in a secret government base. An alien creature being studied by a sexy young scientist, dressed in latex with a gas mask on to protect her from any dangerous gases or viruses her subject might give off. The subject is brought in securely bound in shackles. A hood covers the head, blocking all sight and hearing. A gag prevents speech. It is strapped to a medical bed and the experiments begin.

First an interrogation. The sensory deprivation is removed and a bright light shone in its face. Why is it on earth? Is it here as part of an invasion fleet? There might need to be torture to ensure accurate answers. Then the other tests begin, all designed to discover everything there is to know about this new species. How does its body respond to different stimuli? How long can it go without oxygen? What about its reaction to electricity? There are all sorts of tests I can conduct on a poor, helpless alien I have in my clutches.

Luckily the bunker is deep enough underground that the screams won’t be heard by anyone…

If you want to be my alien captive you can contact me by email at and if alien autopsy is not your thing why not ask about other kinky scenarios you want to explore?