The other day I took part in a fun roleplay session, I was a school girl blackmailing her teacher into doing all sorts of Manchester Mistress Sakura in schoolgirl mode.humiliating things. He had to do everything I asked of him otherwise I would tell everyone about his pervy desires.

The schoolgirl kink is an old one. It’s also great fun to play out, however, especially when combined with one of my other favourite kinks – humiliation. I do enjoy having a man in my power and making him do anything to please me. I can control what he wears, for example putting him in pretty frilly panties. I can write on him to make sure everyone knows he is a slut. He can become my doggie or suck my strap on. All sorts of fun things he can do for me and if he fails to perform then the naughty school girl tells all. It only takes one phone call to the Head or an e-mail containing all those embarrassing photographs…

Of course there are other fun things I could do to a blackmail victim in my school room. There’s a stash of crops and canes in there and places to be tied while they are used. I might also go into one of the desk drawers and find the dildos and anal toys that some pervy teacher has hidden there.

Would you like to be my poor, helpless blackmail victim? Contact me.