I recently had a wonderful session with a sissy slut who loved feminisation. I do enjoy taking a man and removing all that is masculine about him – turning him into the perfect woman.

I have many ways I can achieve this. We can start with make up. A good liquid foundation to cover that five o’clock shadow which can then be supplemented by a powder. Your eyes made pretty with coloured shadow and eyeliner, your lips bright red with stain and gloss. My pretty little whore.Feminisation

Clothing is next. My girls need to be properly dressed in frilly underwear and tight corsetry to make sure they have the correct feminine shape. Then there are dresses and skirts and other clothing that I can put them in. I might choose satins or silks for them so that they are a classy whore. Or maybe I will choose latex or PVC to make them my kinky slut. Either way, once my girls are ready they should be aware of who they serve. Me, their Mistress.

Of course, it is not just clothes or make up that maketh the woman. My sluts have to learn how to behave properly as a woman. She needs to be given a new name and taught to respond to it. They must be trained in how to walk in high heels and how to stand in a properly demure fashion. They also need to know how to talk to others and ensure the needs of their betters are taken care of. I will take my time over this to make sure she is properly trained and my riding crop will always be ready to punish any transgressions.

It is a beautiful and glorious thing when a submissive chooses to be feminised for his Mistress. If you wish to be my feminised sissy slut, why not get in touch by e-mail me on domme.sakura@gmail.com.