Yesterday I travelled down to London with a slave and a friend to attend the Club Pedestal Birthday party. This was a night of live acts, dancing and, of course, kink.

I decided that latex was going to be the theme for this evening. Needless to say I looked fantastic in my latex dress and stockings, both of  which had been provided and expertly shined for me by my slave escort.  I added a great pair of red and black high heels to this outfit. I was very impressed by all the great outfits I saw there, a lot of people put in a lot of effort. Of course, mine was best.

During the event I had great fun with a number of different submissives. One served admirably as my stool while another gave me a very satisfying food rub. Feet were also the topic of something else I enjoyed at the event. There was a fantastic Trample cage in the centre of the dungeon. This was exactly what the name describes – a cage specifically for trampling. You can see photos of this on the Club Pedestal site – specifically this page.

In all a great night out.

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