The following is from the point of view of my slave.

I want to tell you about a night I had with my Mistress.

I’d just finished cleaning the house when my phone pinged with a text message. ‘On way home. Be ready. Rubber.’ I knew how long it took Mistress to get home and that I didn’t have much time. She would need dinner and I would have to be prepared. I rushed upstairs to get my rubber suit.

By the time I heard her walk in through the front door, I was completely encased. Covered head to toe in thick, black rubber with only my eyes exposed. She walked towards me, still dressed in the tight leather corset and long black boots she must have worn for her last client, looking sexy as hell. She did not acknowledge me, did not speak to me, just headed straight to the table knowing full well that I was getting the full sight of her glory. As she walked out of my view, I fought the temptation to turn my head to watch her walk past me. I knew it was forbidden. With my eyes fixed on the door ahead of me, I hear her pull the chair out from under the table and sit down for the dinner I had prepared.

“Come here and kneel.”

I do as bid, kneeling at her feet as she eats. Occasionally she passes me a small tidbit, unzipping my mouth to let me eat,  or strokes my rubber cased head. I relish these small gestures of affection.

I clean up her plate while she goes upstairs to change and by the time she is back in the room I am kneeling by her chair in the living room. I have only seconds to take in the sight of her body before another, heavier hood is put over my head. This one blocks out all sight and muffles sound as she tightens it around my head. I feel her hands push me down so my hands are on the floor and the weight of her feet is pressed to my back. Through the thick rubber, I can barely hear the creak of the chair as she shifts her weight on it or the noise from the speakers on the TV as she flicks channels looking for something to watch.

Heavy Rubber hood

I have no sense of time at all. Occasionally she unzips the back of my rubber suit and I feel a buzzing toy pressed to my balls or feel the lurching zap of an electric shock. I am locked in my own world, breathing through a thin tube that she could cut off at any time. The only sense of the world outside coming from the toys she uses on me or the pressure of her feet resting on my back. I don’t know how long I have been there for or how long I will have to endure. How often she will torment me with her toys or what she has planned for me when she finally grows bored of whatever she is watching on TV.

I live only to serve and I serve in whatever way she desires.