You may have noticed I have been a little quiet here lately. Well, not only have I been busy whipping my slaves into shape (almost a full time job at the moment) but I also found the time to have a little holiday. Mistress does love to travel, especially seeing new sights.

As a refined and cultured lady, I do love to see the palaces and castles of Europe. Can you imagine serving your Mistress in such a place? Large, spacious chambers with marble floors and tapestries hanging on the walls. I while away my time on a chaise longue while slaves bring me delicacies to enjoy. Maybe I will summon you to perform for my pleasure? Would you dance naked on a leash for me, while I throw tidbits from my table for you to catch? If you are a good boy I may reward you. Of course, if I am displeased there is always the dungeon. My palace may be a cultured place of good taste, but I would always be sure to maintain the lower levels as they were in the middle ages – dark and damp with chains on the walls and numerous devices of torture.

Maybe one day…

On my travels I did spot this interesting stained glass window in Pena Palace in Portugal. I have included a photo I took of it in this blog. The window shows several churchmen standing on the body of another man. I am guessing it is some form of punishment or martyrdom but looking at it I cannot but help think of it as a kinky Trampling. After all, the recipient looks like he is enjoying it… just like I am sure all you subs and slaves would enjoy it if I were to stand on you in my high heels kinky boots.