I would just like to take a break from my own celebrations to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope that yours is a good one and that you have a happy new year!christmas

There is a lot of kink to be found in Christmas. You can wrap a slave up in colourful paper and ribbons, tightly bound and waiting to be ‘opened’ in the morning. You can decorate his manhood with tinsel and glitter or dangle tree ornaments from it. Holly is a fun plant to play with too. Those sharp spikes are great for inflicting some pain or even for some more sensual play – stroking them gently over naked flesh. Then there is mistletoe. What fun could we have with that? Well, we could dangle some from one slave’s belly and tell the other he has to ‘kiss’ under the mistletoe.

There are always Christmas games to consider too. Charades being one with lots of potential. Of course, the slaves all do this naked and many of the things they have to enact will be humiliating. Finally, there is Christmas dinner. Served by naked slaves, of course. The slaves eat theirs from their dog bowls once the Dommes have all finished and if they have been good boys, we end the day with some fun in the dungeon.

However you celebrate this time of year, make sure you enjoy it. Mistress commands it!