So many men think they can impress me with their penis. They come to me so confident that it will impress me. They all leave knowing exactly how small their manhood is.

I take great pleasure in abusing male egos. Both verbally and physically. I’ll grind your little rantallion* with my high heels while I comment on how small it is. Assuming, of course, I can manage to hit your tiny little cock with my heel. It’s so small it will be barely visible from under my stiletto.

You have to ask yourself why I bother with your needledick? Why I lower myself to even look at the deformed, misshapen and above all tiny thing you keep in your pants? Well, I enjoy putting you in your place. I enjoy seeing you squirm under my contemptuous gaze, all your shortcomings revealed. Knowing that your tiny dick is no bigger than a tiny wriggling worm and about as half as pretty.

Such a small thing is really no use to me at all. Better I lock it up and throw away the key…

Manchester Mistress Sakura chastity