This is a post from the point of view of one of my slaves.

Domme Sakura will lock you in chastity

“I’m about to go into a long term chastity agreement with Domme Sakura. We have a contract that we will both be signing and I will be attending a session with her so she can lock it onto me. The agreement is that I will visit her on a monthly basis so that she can milk me. I will also be performing tasks for her in the hope of earning the chance to orgasm.

I am looking forward to starting my contract with Domme Sakura but also a bit scared of what might come. The idea of handing over the keys to my device to her, knowing that she is the only person able to unlock it. Knowing that I have to please her if I am ever to get a chance of release. That is a powerful thing. I trust Domme Sakura to look after me as her slave. She will have control of every aspect of my life. Control me through her use of that little key she will hold. She will give me tasks to complete over email and Twitter, each task adding or subtracting from my chance to orgasm when I attend on her in person.

There are many things she might do to me when I attend for my monthly sessions. She might test my pain tolerance – make a noise and lose the right for release this month – or have me serve as her footstool or domestic servant. Whatever her commands I have to follow them or I will lose any chance at all of having an orgasm. Just another frustrating month locked her cock no longer mine to touch.”

If you are interested in entering into a long term chastity agreement with me get in touch. I am always interested in being a key holder for any dedicated slaves. Please note you will be expected to attend regular sessions and paying tribute for this privilege. An initial tribute will also be expected for contract drafting. Once you sign that contract, you are MINE.