A slave recently gave me a wonderful pair of boots as tribute. A pair of Pleaser heels that are so wonderfully gorgeous that I just had to have a photoshoot of me wearing them. Expect to see those photos on this site very soon in my new Boot Worship gallery. However, in case you cannot wait for that, you can see a preview on this post.

I have mentioned before how much I love it when slaves worship my feet. In particular, my post on Foot Worship is one to look back on. While naked feet are of course an absolute pleasure to worship (for both of us) there is an added something when high heeled boots are worn.

Boots add height to your Mistress, making her even more impressive and intimidating. As you kneel at my feet, you will look up an endless scene of tight black leather that runs up to my thighs. That’s a lot of leather to lick and caress. A lot of leather that is your job to look after. So you had better get on with it…

To complete your essential task of worshipping my amazing Pleaser heels (or any other shoes or boots in my collection) you need to email me NOW to make a booking – domme.sakura@gmail.com

Hurry up. Those boots won’t lick themselves!