This is a post by personal slave of mine.

Domme Sakura flowers from a slave

“Mistress Sakura was kind enough to remind me this week that it has been a year since I first started serving her. I was actually surprised as it had not occurred to me that it had been that long since we had first started on this journey. She asked me today to write about my experiences as her personal slave.

As a personal slave I have a number of duties and some privileges. For example, one of my responsibilities is to do work around her house. This can include DIY, for example I recently sanded and varnished the floor of her apartment for her, but also more day to day tasks such as cleaning and tidying her bedroom and hovering her floors. She has on occasion asked me to pick up shopping for her or to do some online research into BDSM toys she is considering buying for her dungeon or clothes she wants to buy for her professional work – finding the best prices.

shibari tied for electroplay

I have also had the privilege of acting as a guinea pig for that equipment – allowing her to practise so that she can be proficient with it when using it on a client. I sometimes also act as a model for her experiments in shibari, standing while she works out the intricate knots and loops of rope. Another duty is helping her to dress – making sure her corset is pulled as tight as possible and zipping up her boots before she sees a client.

collared slave

Because I am her personal slave, she does have all my contact information and can use them at any time. I have had messages from her at all times of day. Sometimes she asks for help with something, on other occasions she just wants to talk. Sometimes there are specific tasks to perform. The feeling of always being ‘on call’ is quite an exciting one. You never know when she will message or what she will want when she does.

When I have served her well, she rewards me by indulging some of my own kinks in a session. For these sessions, I wear a collar which has on it a tag that shows I am her slave.

In all my time as Mistress Sakura’s slave I have enjoyed the feel of being under her control. Knowing that she is my Mistress and that what I do for her helps her focus more on her practise as a Domme. I have found her to be a caring and considering Mistress who is appropriately firm when needed and always thinks about the wellbeing of her slaves. I hope to continue to serve as her slave for a long time to come.”