Domme Sakura inflicts pain

I do like inflicting pain on my submissives. I take a lot of pleasure in watching them squirm in their bonds while I walk around their helpless body, looking for good spots to strike. I might stroke my crop over their quivering flesh, making them whimper in anticipation. Or I might lightly tap at their balls or flick at their nipples. Nothing too drastic. Not at first. I make them wait for the real pain.

Then a build up. Some lashes across the naked backside that come suddenly, causing them to yelp in surprise. But not too much pain yet. I might make them count each strike and thank me for the privilege of me deigning to hurt them. Each stroke they must call out a number followed by “Thank you, Mistress Sakura.” Each time they fail to count or thank me clearly adds another to the number they must endure. How many strokes they must endure depends on how generous I am feeling.

As the punishment progresses, the pain builds. Not only is each stroke harder and faster than the last but the sub is running out of places to be hit that have not already endured the crop. I place red welts on their buttocks and down the backs of their legs, each slashing strike leaving a vivid reminder of what I did that they will take home with them. A welt lasts longer than a kiss.

Red welts on bottom by Domme Sakura

I do enjoy working with masochists. I like the sensation of absolute power I feel when they willingly submit to me and allow me to torment them with my tools. I have often used canes, floggers and paddles on submissives but my true weapon of choice has to be the riding crop. This is because of the level of control I can achieve with it – every strike made in a precise spot and to an exact pressure. Nothing is left to chance and every mark made is there because I intended it. I feel a crop is one of the most useful tools in a Domme’s arsenal. It can be sensual as well as painful and those two combined create powerful sensations.

I have recently been working in a dungeon specialising in pain in London, where I have had the pleasure of working with some very capable masochists. I am also seeing pain sluts at the Stockport dungeon. If you think you are a masochist capable of enduring my attentions, email me…