Heavy Rubber hood breath play

I have always enjoyed the power exchange aspects of BDSM. Breath play is an activity I consider to be a perfect demonstration of the control and trust inherent in such a relationship. The submissive must trust the dominant implicitly, put himself completely in her hands and allow her to take control over one of the fundamental requirements for life. That level of power exchange is the essential nature of dominance to me.

Of course, this is a form of edge play. Breath play involves a risk which both the submissive and the dominant need to be aware of. It is important to follow basic safety while engaging in it and maintain good communication at all times. Not only that, but a dominant should be watchful for signs of distress or difficulty in her sub. This is not an activity to be taken lightly!

There are many ways to control a sub’s breathing. The most simple include little more than a leather or rubber gloved hand across the mouth and nose. The glove forms a tight seal on the mouth if enough pressure is applied and the fingers can be used to pinch the nostrils. Those fingers provide the control – squeeze tight and no air at all, release and there is a little relief. The feel of leather or latex across the mouth adds a sensual element to the play too. Not to mention a thrill for fetishists. There is also the option to use the other hand, which can also be gloved, to give an added sensuality to the experience.

Alien Autopsy at M.A.R.S gas maskFor more advanced options there is specialist equipment available. Latex breath control masks, for example. An airtight, completely sealed latex hood with one or more tubes protruding from it – usually at least one for the mouth and sometimes two more for the nostrils. The sub can breath through the tubes. Well, just about. They also get the fun of almost complete sensory deprivation. They also do not know when I will close off the tubes and cut off their breath. Or for how long this will happen.

Gas masks are another tool that can be used. These are designed to be airtight and again the Domme can control the airflow. There are even such things as breath control latex pants that the dominant wears and which are connected by a long tube to a latex hood.

The purpose of breath play is, as I said, control and trust. But it is also about achieving a light headed feel from the lack of oxygen which can be a very erotic sensation. Care must be taken, however, to ensure this is done safely – enough to create that feeling without going too far.

If you want to experience breath play, email domme.sakura@gmail.com and come join me at the Stockport Dungeon or on one of my London weekends.