This is a post from the point of view of one of my slaves:

Domme Sakura, Manchester's beautiful Mistress

“I have served Mistress Sakura for just over a year now. In that time I have done many things for her, including helping to keep her house clean, reorganising her shoe collection and helping her dress. Over this time I have been considering what it means to be a personal, lifestyle slave to a Mistress.

The one aspect of slavery that I keep coming back to is the simple phrase of ‘making her life easier’. This, I think, is where you have the flip between being a submissive who visits a ProDomme to being a true lifestyle slave. Being the former is fun, it involves lots of kink and satisfies many needs. However, to take that next step into being a lifestyle submissive, you need to change your viewpoint and put her needs above yours.

So when there was a pair of shoes she wanted, I offered to pay for them. I also pay for her monthly phone bill and for her to have a monthly cinema card. These things I do not out of expectation of any reward but because I feel it is important for me to help her. Though I do not expect anything in return, she does appreciate my efforts and will often give rewards for such gifts. Sometimes this might be a public thank you and a photo of her in the items bought on Twitter. Other times it may be a special treat in session. An item bought might be worn or used, for example.”

Enter Domme Sakura's chambers at your own risk

Financial domination often gets a bad name. It can be seen as more or less begging, the dominant basically asks for money with no return promised. However it is not always the case. I believe a dominant should be generous to her supplicants, acknowledging their gifts and tribute. If you choose to serve me in this way you will be rewarded for your tribute in an appropriate manner. I also see issues with other financial practises such as blackmail. While I do not condemn those who do engage in it and recognise it as a fun kink for some, I find it is usually not worth the time and effort needed to make it work properly.

However, I do appreciate it if a submissive client does something nice for me. Sends me an Amazon voucher. Buy me something from my Wishlist. Or even just brings me a small gift to a session when they visit. You can even offer to adopt one of my Bills or offer to take me shopping or out for dinner. I am always open to small tokens like this and will always reward them.