This is copied from a report sent to me by my Sissy slave Rose (@fetishdj). I went away for the weekend and left him some instructions so he did not get into trouble while I was gone.

“I got the instructions sent to my email on Friday evening. I was on my way home from work when I opened the mail on my phone and read them – scared about what might be in there. I knew some of the things that may be asked of me because we had discussed the limits and suchlike but I was still nervous about what could happen. The plan was that I would spend the weekend in chastity, with tasks set by Domme Sakura to tease me throughout the weekend. This was, I thought, going to be not much more different to the ‘seven day itch’ I did with Mistress last year. However, I soon found that was not the case. This was far more challenging.

“The first instruction was to send Mistress a photograph of my cock in chastity, locked, and put the key into an ice tray to be frozen for the weekend. I was to achieve this by 8pm. I was to send a photo of the frozen key by 10pm. This I did after my bath in the evening. Locking the device on felt very final, though it took a while to achieve as it is not easy to squeeze them on. The design of this particular device means there is a solid ring to squeeze on over your balls. That can be harder to do than the ones with a folding ring. Then there is the problem of getting the plastic cage on over the cock when you are starting to get an erection because the very thought of being in chastity is arousing. Some ice and some lube finally managed to get it all on before the deadline and I posted the photo of the cage and the ice tray with the frozen key before the respectful deadlines.

“I then had a night of sleep in chastity, knowing that the next day would be more tasks and these ones harder to survive. In the night, I kept getting aroused. This meant painful pressure on the walls of the cage and some messy pre-cum.

“The next morning I had until 11 to shower, get dressed in sissy underwear and put on a rope harness. I managed to send that photo to Mistress before 10 and went about my normal day. Mostly doing housework. The effect of the frilly underwear and the straining on the cage was distracting and I found I could not work very effectively. However, I did get my chores done.

“I had until 2pm to perform my next task – go to a public place and prove to Mistress I was still wearing the underwear. This was difficult because the bra I had chosen was padded and actually showed under my clothes. I asked for permission to change and was granted it on the understanding I tried to dress in a way that covered it first. This I did and managed to find a coat big enough to not show the shape of breasts created by the padded bra. I took the dog for a walk and took a discrete snap in a public place when no one was looking and sent it to Mistress.

“The next task was to spend the afternoon researching sissy pictures and then watching porn. I had some parameters to take into account here. First for the photos they had to be of brunette sissies dressed in blue frilly outfits. This was quite easy – there seem to be a lot of them about and even a simple Google search was enough. I picked some nice ones and sent the links.

“The porn watching was hard. I found this difficult because in my days pre chastity I would rarely be able to watch porn all the way through without needing to cum. I had some parameters – anal, strap on and bondage. The videos I found had to include some of those, preferably all. I went through many searches and watched quite a few videos, looking for the elusive ones that had all three. The difficulty came from controlling myself. By the end of this my cock was dripping precum and I had a definite itch that needed to be scratched. I found myself wondering if this was what it was like for those who do chastity on an even longer term or do they get used to it? At this point I had another night locked up before I would be allowed to defrost the key in the morning and get out. My mind kept getting distracted and thinking about all the sexy images, completely losing focus.

“And I still had tasks to perform in the evening and tomorrow morning…”

You can read the rest of Rose Satin’s adventures in chastity tomorrow…