This is Rose’s second report on her experience as a sissy chastity slave.

“There was a gap between watching the porn and the next task, which was to take place at 8pm. I filled the time with housework and cooking dinner and trying to forget about the ever present weight of the device on my cock. I am not sure how those in longer term chastity cope with that. I guess they just get used to it. My arousal and therefore distraction did go away after a while, to the point that the device felt more comfortable so maybe I was adapting to it enough to no longer feel it.

“At 8pm, my orders were to use a ‘phallic object of my choice’ wrapped in a condom to try to achieve milking of my prostate. At our last meeting, Mistress had done this using her fingers. I found it to be a lot harder to achieve when trying to do it yourself. I used a carrot as that was the only thing I had in the house that was appropriate. It took some time to find the place where the pressure was clearly having an effect but even then it was hard to achieve much sensation. I kept getting close to the point where I felt I could push out something but then lost the momentum and had to fight to get it back. The orders stated that I was to try my best. I did not get the impression she expected me to succeed. After a while I managed to achieve a little fluid in my hand and decided to try for more would be too exhausting. I sent Mistress the proof and prepared for my evening.

“For that I was told to change my underwear into a more comfortable set. On our shopping trip a few weeks ago, Mistress had directed me to buy a bralette and panties set – a non underwired bra for use by those still developing breasts or who have very small ones. I was to wear this set and to keep it on all night while I slept.

“I spent the rest of the evening trying to relax and ignore the demands of my aroused cock.

“Overnight was easier than the previous night. I found it easier to sleep and the device seemed more comfortable. Maybe milking had relieved some of the pressure or I was just getting more used to not being able to satisfy myself at will. Maybe it was the thought that morning would bring release from the cage (if not necessarily permission to cum).

“In the morning, the orders were to watch another porn of my choice and send evidence of this to Mistress in the form of a link and a report on why I chose it. I chose a piece that was centred around predicament bondage and electroplay as well as strap on because I love those elements. I was then to take the key out of the freezer and photograph it to prove it was still locked in ice then leave it to melt. I was told I could remove the device at 12. In the meantime, Mistress had sent me a task to write a short story about the fictional life of Rose Satin. There were parameters set for this. It had to include scenes of getting made up to go out, seducing men, forced bi, anal sex and white high heels. This was to be sent to Mistress after the 12pm release. I actually finished this in plenty of time and was then left waiting… an hour to release. That hour seemed to drag.

“Finally, I was able to put the key in the lock and open it up. I took the final photo, set up as Mistress demanded, and sent it along with the story.

“Overall, I have enjoyed this weekend of having my orgasms controlled. Even more than I did for the Seven Day Itch. This was because the device added a whole new layer of control. I thought I was able to control my orgasms adequately and, when I do have control of my own In can go days without needing anything at all. However, the device put any level of control out of my reach and totally in the hands of my Keyholder. There was very little I could do to achieve any form of pleasure. When doing the seven day itch I knew I could always still stroke myself. I could not orgasm but I could get pleasure from the touch. With the device there was no way to achieve much more than a frustrating level of touch through the holes in the plastic and stroking my balls – which just made things worse.

“I have found my experience this weekend to have strengthened my submission to Domme Sakura. I was actually regretting the device coming off, even though it frustrated me so much. I look forward to many other experiences like this in the future.”

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