Imagine meeting me for dinner in a luxurious restaurant. My choice, of course. Somewhere quiet and discreet with a selection of exotic foods. You take my coat and pull out a seat for me, making sure I am comfortable before taking your own seat. We exchange pleasantries while waiting to order. We peruse the menu and make selections. I have a refined palette that craves different flavours and sensations. Nothing pleases me more than being treated to something new. I might suggest something for you to try, or you might suggest something for me. The food arrives and we eat.

While we eat, we talk. We discuss you and what you are like as a person. We discuss BDSM interests and your limits. We get to know each other and I delve deep into your mind so as to understand you and your kinks better. This allows me to build a better rapport with you than might be possible in a more traditional session where you meet me at the dungeon. We may have dessert, something indulgent. If I feel you deserve it. There may be coffee afterwards. We take our time, enjoying the experience and the anticipation of what is to come later.

Once our meal is done and you have paid the bill, we move on. You help me into my coat. We travel together to the dungeon where I put what I have learned to good use…

I believe in providing a more rounded and holistic view of BDSM in my sessions. I consider communication before and after a session to be important and am big on aftercare. Part of this is getting to know you better before we session. A dinner date with me is one way to achieve that in a very pleasant atmosphere.

My dinner date package includes a 2 hour session in the dungeon following our meal. For this you pay £400 and, of course, pick up the bill.