This is a post by my personal slave, Rose Satin, about an event that was very special for both of us. The day of her collaring.

“I’d planned to meet Mistress at the Stockport dungeon on Thursday this week. It had been a while since we had managed to find time to play so I was looking forward to it. On Sunday, however, she surprised me with a message that she wished to go shopping and to let her know a day before Thursday I could meet her.

“She then told me that she wished to go shopping for my collar. Mistress Sakura’s personal slave

“I was, of course, very excited because I knew what this meant. Mistress intended to formally collar me as part of our session on Thursday. We met and spent a good while picking out a suitable collar and tag combination and then getting it engraved with my name and, most exciting of all, that I was the personal slave of Mistress. I was then given the collar and tag to take home with me and instructed to bring them both to the dungeon.

“On the day of the session, I met Mistress for lunch and we had a pleasant time eating and talking before getting a taxi to the dungeon. Once there, I was instructed to be naked and kneel in front of Mistress, passing her the collar. She told me that before she collared me, she wanted me to tell her ten reasons why I was being considered as her slave.

“I found this far more difficult than I thought I would. I stumbled over thinking of more than four. I kept restating the same ones in different ways, which obviously did not count. So, Mistress put down the collar and ordered me onto the spanking bench – chaining my wrists and ankles to it. She then told me that I needed some punishment to focus my mind so that the collaring could continue. She worked on with her hands and then a series of paddles. When she had finished, she unlocked me from the bench, leaving the cuffs and spreader bar on, and had me kneel in front of her again. She repeated the question she had asked before.

Mistress Sakura’s boots“This time I was able to give better answers. I was aware that I was being reluctant to speak of my achievements and qualities and to prove myself worthy of her I had to recognise those parts of me. It was still a difficult task but this time I managed ten. Mistress then smiled and said a few words of her own about why she chose me before she put the collar around my neck and made me hers.

“It was a very simple collaring ceremony but all the more poignant because of it. An emotional transition point between states. After it was over we continued with the session and when I left I was taking with me my collar, wearing the chastity device that she had locked on me and feeling more owned than ever.”

A collaring can be a simple, private ceremony between the two individuals involved or it can be a more elaborate and public event. The important thing is that it is a personal event that means something to those involved. A formal declaration of two people committing to each other in the BDSM lifestyle.