Chastity is a kink I love to explore. The very idea of you being locked up at my whim, your little cock isolated and unable to be touched. You frustrated and begging for release. Locked up in a plastic or metal cage and only I have the key.

I do love owning a cock, knowing that I get to decide whether you get pleasure or not. What are you willing to do to get that little penis of yours unlocked? Shall we find out?

I keep my personal slave in chastity as much as possible. When he visits me, I will perform an inspection to check that he is still wearing his cage and he will have to prove to me by the end of our session that he has done enough to please me so that I might consider removing it. One time he was so frustrated and deprived that after only a short bit of teasing with my Hitachi wand he was desperate to cum. It was not long after that, while he was suspended in leather cuffs from the ceiling with his legs held wide apart, that a single touch of the wand was enough to make him spurt. Because he could not control himself, I was forced to punish him by… well, that is a story for another post… but let me just say it was not pleasant. And of course he had to clean everything up with his tongue.

If you are new to chastity and want more experience of it, I can give you a demonstration of what it is like in a session. I have a lovely metal cage in the dungeon that I can lock onto you for some tease and denial. Mostly denial, of course. It is important that you learn to focus on your tasks as a submissive and not on the demands of your cock.

Then, if you are lucky, I might consider being your keyholder. To achieve this, however, you will really have to impress me with your devotion.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lifestyle couple at Club Pedestal. MIstress K and her slave, Slave D. They are the owners of House of Denial and are very keen on chastity as a lifestyle and are a good resource both for buying devices and learning more about how to use them. I was able to commission a device from them for my slave, Rose. You can see her thoughts on this on her website.