I love latex. Recently, I had the pleasure of sessioning with a true latex rubber slave. A slave I  call my Rubberboy.

Rubberboy is a very thoughtful slave. He brought me a gift. A lovely, black latex catsuit. He presented it to me when he arrived and, of course, I had to make him wait for me while I tried it on. Once I was dressed, the latex needed to be shined. This is a job for a slave, so I let Rubberboy rub in the solution to make my new suit look wonderfully sleek and shiny. Then he had to put on and lace up my boots to complete the outfit.

Finally, I needed to apply my lipstick. As he had been such a good Rubberboy, he got to choose which shade I applied. As you can see from the photo, he chose a very deep red and watched me while I put it on. I let him check to see it was on straight and that there were no messy areas before we carried on with the rest of the session.

By this point, Rubberboy had used up all of the credit he had earned from me for bringing the catsuit. He wanted to spend the session worshipping my body dressed in the tight, shiny latex but he was not going to get that until he had earned it.

In order to help him prove his devotion, I tied his hands and balls into a predicament bondage set up. This was set in such a way that if he moved his hands to make them comfortable the rope pulled on his balls and if he wanted his balls comfortable he had to suffer his hands being in a stress position. While he was in this state, I used my flogger on him and also teased his bound up cock a little, taking him to the edge but not letting him go over it. This gave him enough credit to worship the latex on my legs, licking and smelling it as he wished.

We finished the session with some clingfilm mummification and breath play with lots of teasing and sensual work on his frustrated cock. I then sent him home, still frustrated and locked in chastity until I decided he was allowed release. I am looking forward to my next session with him.