CBT involves any form of torture or pain on the male genitals. It can range from relatively mild scratcthing and pinchng with sharp nails right up to the more extreme ballbusting activities. You can use clamps, needles, electricity, weights, rope and all sorts of other implements of pain and pleasure to make sure things are nicely torturous. If you want to go old school, I can also apply some pressure with a stiletto heel or apply a sturdy kick.

What? You didn’t think the word ‘torture’ meant ‘a nice massage’ did you?

Though there is some pleasure involved too. Sometimes a nice massage can be torture too. If you are not allowed to cum. Either locked up in a chastity cage or free, you better not dare cum otherwise there will be trouble.

You could end up tied to a cross on the wall, unable to move while I tie rope around your balls and tie the end of that rope to the opposite wall so that it is nice and taut. You might think that’s not too bad, there is no real pressure on it. Not yet. But then I straddle the rope in font of you and start to squat down so that the rope gets tighter and pulls down… not so comfortable now. Of course, I can still go even lower. How much can your balls take?

Or maybe you would like to try out the parachute? This is a leather device that wraps around the balls and can have weights attached to it. Maybe we can have a bet as to how much weight you can take and test it to see who wins?

I mentioned a while back that I had to punish my personal CD sissy slave, Rose, for cumming without permission while in chastity in a session. Well, now is the time you find out what happened to her.

I’d had her suspended in chastity from the sex swing, her legs and arms secured to the ceiling with chains and had been teasing her locked up clitty cock with a vibrator. She’d been blindfolded and had a dildo stuffed in her mouth too. My Rose had been in chastity for a while at that point so she was bursting to cum but she had to earn it first. Unfortunately, they couldn’t control themselves and the Hitachi wand quickly caused a leakage. A spoiled orgasm.

She got a telling off, a very severe one, and was dragged from the swing and locked tight into a bondage chair with her legs wide apart – the cum covered chastity device still on. The punishment I had decided on was CBT so I replaced the Hitachi wand with a Violet one and proceeded to electrocute those balls and her little sissy clity cock. She made some wonderfully pleasant screams as I tortured her while reminding her sternly about what her crime had been. 

I sometimes do CBT at the start of the session, especially mild teasing and torture such as squeezing or scratching with my sharp nails. It can be a nice warm up for me before moving onto more extreme tortures. It can form a great addition to a tease and denial session too. Overall, I find it a very useful kink to exploit, especially when men are so obsessed with protecting their pitiful ‘assets’.