Domination is all about control coupled with a sexual thrill and breathplay is an activity that ably covers both of these. Quite simply, I control when you breathe and by restricting your breathing, even just by a little, I create a sense of euphoria as well as a little bit of danger.

There are many methods to do this. The simplest method is performed just by my hand covering your mouth and nose, a little bit of pressure and no more breath for you. Until I grant you the privilege, that is. For an extra bit of fetish, I might wear a latex or leather glove to add a tighter seal and to give you the pleasure of that touching your skin while you suffer for me.

Or you could wear a hood. A PVC or leather one, maybe, that also gives a good seal when I put my hand over the mouth hole. Or there are latex ones with tubes that can be pinched closed for an extra hardcore version of this kink.

With my slave, Rose, I usually use a glove and have her lying in my lap as I press my hand to her mouth and pinch her nose. I count, timing how long she is unable to breath, pushing her a little more each time.

Of course, you have to be aware of safety at all times. I carefully monitor the breathing and heart rate of my slaves to make sure they are not in distress and we always take care not to push too far.

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