I’ve mentioned the use of latex both as a sexy piece of fetish wear and as a useful tool in breath play. However, there is more to latex than that. There are more specific kinks involving latex. For example, there is a fetish I love which is latex gloves.

The photo shown in this post is from a recent photoshoot I did with Blurred Edge photography, where I wore the most amazing latex gloves. Long, elbow length, fingerless latex that clung to my arms and felt so good on my skin.

If you come to visit me and you also like latex gloves, maybe I will wear a pair for you? If you are lucky. If you  bring me a pair as a gift I may choose to wear them. I might let you watch me roll them onto my hands and up my arms, snapping them in place at the top. If you are really lucky and I feel like giving you a treat, you may get to kiss my latex covered fingers or I might stroke them over you teasingly. Assuming I deem you worthy of such special treatment.

Or I might tie you to a chair while I put them on and make you watch, knowing you are unable to touch them. If you are especially unworthy I might put a blindfold or hood on you while I try on my new gloves, not even letting you see my perfect hands in the gift you have given me. I could give you a choice. Which sense do you want to keep? Your sight, your touch or your hearing? Choose quickly or lose them all.

Latex gloves can be such a wonderful tool for sensual play and tease and denial. They have such a unique texture that can drive you wild and can also be taken off and used to inflict pain – a sudden, sharp SNAP against your delicate skin.

If you want to see what I can do with a pair of latex gloves, why not make a booking.