I recently had a slave visit me who loved to be caged.

A cage is a very useful tool for a Mistress. It allows her to keep her property under control while she does other things. Imagine you are languishing in the cage, lying flat on the floor, while I am lying on top of it checking my messages or planning the next evil I am going to inflict on you.

Of course, you had better stay quiet. No moans or whimpers. I don’t care if the clamps are pinching or the butt plug is too big, if you make too much noise I will be down there with a gag to make sure you stay silent. And don’t go thinking making a noise will get me to pay you attention. I’ll be down there soon to give you something else to occupy your mind, but I will do so when I am good and ready. I still haven’t attached the electrodes from the TENs machine yet. Oh, and didn’t you notice there is a place to attach wires to the Butt plug too? Maybe I will plug that in next and set it to random while I finish replying to all my emails. Remember, I do not want to hear any noise. Maybe you need the cloth draped over it so you will be less of a fussy pet?

If you are hungry or thirsty I can put some bowls in the cage for you. Maybe I can push a dildo through the bars for you to suck on? So many things to keep you busy and entertained while you are in my cage…

I like to think of you waiting in there, patiently. Waiting for me to come and drag you away to whatever tortures await you.