I received this lovely review from a recent slave who I had the pleasure of playing with. I thought I should share it with you all.

I was incredibly nervous about my first meeting with Mistress Sakura. We’d discussed our upcoming session, of course, but having already been fortunate enough to meet her briefly in person I knew there was something about being in her presence that turned me to jelly. Not just her looks, Mistress is very beautiful of course, but her confident demeanour and personality really brings out the submissive in me.

We entered her chambers which were warm and inviting, when the mood shifted and I knew we had begun. I’m lucky in that I’m quite open about many of my kinks. but some fetishes I’ve only discussed with Mistress Sakura. Knowing this, she had designed a wonderful session that was perfect for me. 

The way she incorporated a love of rubber, humiliation and other interests was mind-blowing. Everything felt so personalised and intimate. Being encouraged to lose myself in my fetishes so completely, guided by her, was intoxicating. I adored being her slave and never wanted it to end. I really felt like a cared for pet who’s place is on her leash. 

Our afternoon together sped by, along with bondage and various types of torture. Even now I can picture the smile on her glossy red-lips perfectly as she punished me, encouraging me to suffer more for her. 

Mistress warned me I would think about her long after our session ended and after making me confess what a pervert I was, locked me in chastity, to make sure i’d behave. She promised she’d make me work for any release and monitor my good behaviour.

Mistress would go on to make good on those promises and much, much more. She has exquisite attention to detail and often things I’ve mentioned in passing she’ll incorporate into sessions. I write this, months later and still locked in chastity, still thinking fondly of my rubber Mistress and the many times i’ve seen her since. Counting the days until I see her again.

I feel very lucky to have found Mistress Sakura Strike and am hugely enjoying the journey she’s taking me on. I look forward to where it leads us next.

(Any specific scenarios or details I mention came from a session Mistress designed around my Interests. I’m sure she wouldn’t ordinarily lock-up slaves on a whim. Unless you’re very lucky.)