Financial domination is about making your Mistress’s life easier. Taking care of her base physical needs so that she can better focus on the higher things in life such as planning how to tease and torment the many submissive sluts who await her attentions.

I am a caring and generous Mistress who always appreciates any gifts given to me. If you wish to serve me by sending me gifts of money or objects, I will always acknowledge your contribution. You can Send me Gift Cards or bring them with you to our session, or as for a private wishlist with a selection of pretty things that will make me happy.

As my financial slave you can offer to adopt one of my bills. I have many expenses as a busy Mistress about town and you can help to make my life easier by taking on responsibility for one or more of them. You can offer to take me shopping or out for dinner too. Enjoy a date with your sexy Mistress where your wallet takes all the burden, and if we agree, perhaps even some discreet kinky fun.

If you are especially daring, you can go all the way. Give complete financial control to me, your Mistress. Give me your card details and I will control every aspect of your financial life. I already know how much you need to survive each month, the only question is how much I will leave for you to have fun with once I have taken what I need. Are you prepared to take this gamble?