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The beginning of a Week of Chastity with Mistress Sakura

I may be a reckless idiot…

Some general banter on Twitter with Mistress Sakura today led to her issuing me with a challenge – serve her for seven days. Seven days in which she would have complete control over my chastity. Being one to never back down, I accepted her challenge without question.

Yes, I am already regretting that decision.

There quickly followed a series of messages outlining her intentions for me. She would have complete control of my sexual life. I had to ask permission for every sexual experience, every orgasm. It would be on trust – no devices, just my own willpower. Oh, and 10 metre of rope and some other items I need to acquire tomorrow from a clothes shop.

So, tomorrow morning I have to send a message to Mistress Sakura to receive her instructions for the day… I have to do that every day from then until next Sunday and log all my thoughts and actions in a blog post I am to send to her to post on her site. I am looking forward to it and dreading it at the same time. I only have the barest hints of what to expect while I am at her mercy…

Day 1 of a Week of Chastity with Mistress Sakura

The first day… I was still not certain what to expect from Mistress Sakura today. As soon as I was on my way to work, I sent my daily report to her with my schedule as ordered and waited for her to contact me.

It was around mid-morning that I got the first message reminding me of my obligations. I was under her complete control for seven days and specifically today was not allowed any sexual activity, especially not if it leads to an orgasm. Her final sentence in that message was to order me to await further instructions, keeping my phone on hand all day so I can respond to all her requests.

It was about an hour later I got the order… she wanted a photograph sent to her. Specifically, a photograph of a red-headed man having sex doggy style with a woman. The deadline was 12pm.

This was difficult. First of all, I was at work and so limited both in time and what I could find on my phone. That was only a minor issue compared to the other problem – a lack of red headed men in porn. Actually, that is not true. There are many red headed male porn actors. However, it seems a lot of them mostly feature in gay porn. If Mistress had asked for red headed man having sex with another man I could have done that easily. But she asked specifically for doggy style with a woman. By the time the deadline came about I had no choice but to admit defeat on this task. I tried to get away with a technicality (see image – well the male figure is red headed) but it did not wash with the strict Mistress Sakura. She was disappointed in me and set me another task to make up for my failure – this time to find a curvy brunette woman who was being taken doggy style. This was easier to achieve but did feel like a failure.

Her next question, a little while later, was whether the previous task had aroused me. I told her that it had and she demanded proof. There then followed a trip to the toilet to take an appropriate photograph to demonstrate how aroused I was. It was quite humiliating taking and sending this photo.

Throughout the day the messages continued. Mistress deliberately trying to tease me, to build on that arousal. She described what she was wearing, some beautiful purple and black underwear, and left me wishing I had not agreed to this challenge.

Just before writing this blog, she sent me a message to be ready tomorrow for more of the same. She specifically told me to have some female underwear ready…

Day 2 of a Week of Chastity with Mistress Sakura

The second day was to be all about underwear… and shopping

My orders from the day before were to dress in knickers, stockings and suspenders under my normal work clothes. The feel of the lace and the tight elastic of the suspenders was a constant arousing sensation that did not match well with the fact I was still under orders to be chaste.

The first instruction appeared late in the morning and was a demand for proof that I had done what was expected of me. So I had to go to the toilet, strip off my outer clothes and reveal that I was indeed wearing my pink frilly lace knickers and a set of stockings and suspenders. Once I had done that I was allowed to go back to work and told to report when it was time for lunch.

Lunch came and with it another order – find a public toilet, not one at work, and send her a photograph of cum in my left hand. The good news was that I was allowed to cum. I made sure to check because I had horrible visions of still being on cum restriction and having to work out how to achieve this task. The issue was finding a public toilet. I headed into town and the only public toilet I could find that did not involve having to go into a café or bar to buy a drink was the one in the local shopping mall. The surprisingly busy shopping mall for a weekday afternoon with a very crowded toilet. I managed to get into a cubicle, get my release and send the appropriate evidence before heading back to work.

The afternoon brought with it some shopping tasks designed to arouse me, which they did even though I had only recently had an orgasm. First I was fortunate enough to receive a photograph of Mistress in her underwear. She told me that she needed some new underwear and wanted me to research suitable ones for her. This was followed by a similar task – this one about sex toys. At the end of this task I was asked to find a private place and cum again, this time videoing myself doing it for her to watch. This was the most difficult task due to the need to keep the phone camera aimed in the right place while filming. The thought of sending such an intimate video to Mistress was also quite daunting.

The final task I was set was when I got home. Again I was allowed, in fact expected, to cum and show Mistress evidence that I had done so in the way she requested – by inserting a finger into my backside. Not only was this a challenge with the camera (you try arranging a camera without a selfie stick in a way where you can see a finger inserted into your own anus and activate the shutter, it is not easy…) but it was also a challenge to perform. A body unused to orgasm more than once a day was now having to do it for a third time and it took a mite longer than normal. Nevertheless, I managed it and sent the evidence and was told I was allowed to rest for the night…

Day 3 of a Week of Chastity with Mistress Sakura

As today was more or less in the middle of my agreed period of service it was laid aside for reflection on the challenge so far. The task I was given at the start of the day was to carefully consider what it was like to experience service under Mistress Sakura Strike.

I am sure I do not need to describe her beauty, The photographs on her site and those that have been included with these blog posts adequately achieve that. Though I do consider that the photos are a pale imitation of her in person. What I should describe is her mind and how she uses it to dominate. The tasks that have been set for me so far this week have been challenging and imaginative. Mistress Sakura is an intelligent and demanding Domme who is not only capable of thinking up interesting and thoughtful ideas to ‘entertain’ a submissive but is also capable of adapting quickly to changes in a situation. For example, if I could not find appropriate equipment or materials for a task she has managed to change it at very short notice without impacting the challenge.

My week so far has had me both dreading and longing for the sound of my phone’s ringtone. That is part of the thrill of a long distance relationship with a Domme – never knowing when she would deign to contact me. I made sure at the start to change the tone linked to her number changed to a unique one so I always knew it was a message from her and not a random Facebook or Twitter notification. Even so, every time it buzzed or made another noise, I still checked just in case it was her. My days have so far been made up of long periods of wondering when she will send a message followed by periods in which messages come thick and fast, demanding results on tasks or teasing me with some erotic words or photos. This random element driven by a devious intelligence set on driving me insane with arousal is what makes service to Mistress Sakura so challenging and so attractive.

Day 4 of a Week of Chastity with Mistress Sakura

Today was an unusual day. Mistress Sakura contacted me to tell me that she was going to be out of town for the day and likely not contactable. So, to make sure I was kept out of trouble she sent me instructions to visit a friend of hers who had been sent instructions.

When I arrived at the meeting point, I was told first of all that today I was not going to be given permission to cum at all. Secondly, she had been given a series of tasks for me to perform which would test my endurance. Finally, she was to teach me how to tie my own Shibari rope harness so that I could do it myself when Mistress Sakura required it.

Learning how to tie the rope harness was easy once it was prepared for me with the knots tied in the right place for my size. It was designed to be comfortable and invisible under my clothes but set so that I can feel it there all the time. I was anticipating that I would be using this very soon.

The hard part of the afternoon was the teasing. I spent the time being treated as a slave – giving footrubs, being dressed in women’s clothing and make up and being bound in different positions. All through this I was being teased relentlessly and fully aware that there would not be the chance for release once the day was over. To demonstrate this fact, I was locked in a chastity device and the key was thrown out of the window. I was told I could retrieve it once the session was over then take the device off once I could find a private location to do so.

At the end of the afternoon I managed to pick up the key and had to travel on the first step of my bus journey home before I could find a café with a toilet I could use to remove the device discretely.

As I headed home I received another message from Mistress Sakura telling me that she would be contacting me tomorrow with more instructions.

Day 5 of a Week of Chastity with Mistress Sakura

The theme for day 5 was rope. Which was why I was instructed to wear the rope harness that had been prepared yesterday. This was a basic Shibari harness that produced a diamond pattern on the front of my chest and looped between my legs, around my cock and balls and up my back. There were knots carefully placed to interact with different parts of my body – in particular there was one just below my balls and another pressing into my anus.

The effect of these knots along with the thought of the harness hidden under my clothes all day added to the level of frustration and arousal triggered by yesterday’s play. Of course there was also the teasing texts sent by Mistress too. Luckily (or maybe not) today she was feeling generous because I had done so well yesterday. So, I was instructed to make sure I had a creamy dessert after lunch and send her the evidence.

Before I could do that, however, I had a morning of work to get through and a task to complete for Mistress. I was to write a message thanking her friend for her help yesterday.

Lunchtime came and I ate quickly, looking forward to dessert. I took myself off to the toilet and made sure I cleaned up properly afterwards – using my tongue to eat my treat after taking the evidence photo and sending it to Mistress.

The final task for today was to acquire some items for day 6. Specifically, some hazelnuts and a packet of condoms. This was the result of my making an unwise comment about hamster cheeks on Mistress’s twitter feed this morning…

Day 6 of a Week of Chastity with Mistress Sakura

So… Hazelnuts… I bet you were wondering why I was asked to acquire hazelnuts and condoms for today? Well, I made an unwise comment on Twitter about rodents holding nuts in their cheeks and that gave Mistress ideas… so my orders for today were to put some hazelnuts into a condom and stuff it between my cheeks. My arse cheeks. Manchester Mistress Sakura could put many things in there…

The orders were to insert just more than I believed would be comfortable. The aim being to allow awareness of their presence but not to be too painful. I chose four. They went in easily, so easily I wondered if I should have added more.

This was an interesting experience. I have experienced anal play before, but I am no expert and have certainly never experienced it long term. Like many of the tasks this week – the underwear and the rope harness especially – the sensations were mild but prolonged. It was a constant awareness of a slight pressure inside me plus the occasional click of feeling the nuts collide with each other. It was something I could tolerate but not something I could easily forget. If anything the thing most likely to cause issues was the dangling end of the knotted condom which I was scared would give me away while I was getting changed in the gym.

In total I had these nuts in me for 8 hours – from 11am when Mistress sent me a message telling me my task up until 7pm when I got the message giving permission to remove them. In that time I went shopping, prepared and ate lunch, went swimming and did my daily exercises. These tasks were only slightly more difficult as a result of my predicament, the main issues being the worry of being discovered while changing in the gym.

When I took them out it was a relief but it did leave me wondering what was in store for me on day 7, the final day of this challenge.

Day 7 of a Week of Chastity with Mistress Sakura

The final day. My instructions for this one were to not touch myself at all – ‘not even to pee, not even with gloves’. Quite a difficult task to achieve, especially the going to the toilet aspects of it. Of course, Mistress had planned it that way so that I was forced to sit on the toilet like a girl and therefore work some feminisation into the mix.

Throughout the day I had to do a lot of careful thinking before I conducted any action. As a man I feel you are sometimes unaware of how often you touch yourself. Not necessarily in a sexual way or to give yourself pleasure but more often merely to scratch or readjust. Being denied this was a very subtle form of torture. Denial of any form immediately creates a frission whereby you want to do that thing even if you previously had no interest in it – something maybe those behind prohibition policies might want to bear in mind sometimes. I managed to resist, however, and succeeded in going the whole day without touching myself at all.

My final task came in the middle of the day. I was to be permitted to cum under her control one final time but I had to send her a photograph of the evidence covering her name written on my hand before a set time… I achieved this and sent the evidence to her before deadline and ended my service to Mistress Sakura Strike.

It has been an interesting week in which I have learned a lot about myself and my desires. I have experienced new things and found out something of what it is like to give yourself over to a dominant woman completely. It is an experience I am certainly keen to try again sometime.

If you want to find out if you can survive the Seven Day Itch or you wish to book a real time session with Mistress Sakura Strike. I am sure she will be keen to take your call.  To book a session with Mistress Sakura visit the booking page.