I love it when a slave worships my feet. Kneeling submissively and doing what they do best, which is take very good care of my pretty size fours. My feet do need a lot of pampering, those perfectly formed toes need to be kissed and sucked properly, and only the most skilled and gentle slaved get to serve me in this way. If you do find yourself honoured to be my foot slave, be sure you do a good job otherwise you may end up regretting it.

If you are lucky, foot worship can take the form of you working to bring pleasure to my naked feet. It can also mean you paying close attention to my footwear. I might present you with a pair of black, thigh high boots to worship – the true footwear of a powerful, dominant goddess. Or maybe you will get a cute pair of ankle boots or some pink stiletto heels. Whatever I am wearing, you need to make sure you do a wonderful job of dealing with them. They need to be licked and kissed and sucked. Show me that you are worthy to serve me in this way.

Once the worship is over, you may be rewarded by other things. I might even choose to use my newly pampered feet to trample all over your naked back.

Cleaning my shoes, boots or feet.
Of course, if you fail to show respect while worshipping, you may be relegated to cleaning duty. Licking my dirty boots or shoes clean. I’ll make sure they are nice and dirty for you. Some lovely mud for you to remove with your tongue, perhaps? Or, maybe, something even worse? You would have to get that tongue right up to the top of the heel and run it along the whole sole to the tip. Really dig out that dirt. I will be checking every inch once you claim you have finished. If I see even a single speck of dirt or the slightest smear, there will be trouble!

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