This is a post from @fetishdj, one of my slaves.

“I have been serving Domme Sakura for about a year now. Part of that service has been exploring my sissy side. This has accelerated recently due to two events. One was a discussion we had over my sissy name. After much deliberation, Mistress decided that I was now to be known as ‘Rose’ because she liked flower names (another option was Lily) and Rose was a particular favourite of hers. Oddly enough it was also a favourite of mine so the choice seemed obvious. The second was a sudden and unexpected shopping trip.

“I had been on my way to meet her last Thursday when she messaged me with a change in plans. She said we would meet in town and that Rose needed to go shopping. I was immediately nervous and excited. I’d been shopping for myself in the past but had never been shopping with a Mistress. I had no idea what to expect from this trip, what humiliation she would inflict on me in the shops.

“We met at a café and had a drink and a chat over coffee and a sandwich. Mistress explained what was going to happen. We were going to go to several shops and look for underwear and clothes for Rose to wear. She asked me if I knew my sizes and I told her what I remembered them to be from the last time I had gone shopping. When we had finished our drinks, we left the café and headed to the nearest department store. There we started browsing the racks.

“The first rack she took me to held a lot of pink tops. She decided that pink was definitely Rose’s colour. She picked out a couple of tops for me to look at and asked me which one I preferred. I decided on both. She seemed pleased with that answer and pointed out that one of the tops was a very see through. lacy one which I could wear over the other one to make a nice outfit. This would go well with the plain, black skirt I had already bought.

“Next we went into the lingerie section. Again pink was the theme and a selection of different style bras and matching knickers were presented for choice. I came out with a number of sets, all in pink, which I am sure will be worn at some point.

“All through this I was feeling very self conscious of being in public and demonstrating my sissy nature. This was a thrill to me as was the pleasure of spending quality time with Mistress. We went to several more shops where Mistress did some shopping of her own before having another sit down and a drink together at the end of our trip. I was then instructed to take my purchases home and photograph them. This I did as soon as I got home.

“Next time I see Mistress I am sure I will be expected to wear some of those items for her.”

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