High heeled designer boots, short leather skirt

Worship my Giardo heels

A good submissive knows how to worship his Mistress. You are on your knees, of course. Where else would you be? Your nose pressed close to the soft leather of my boot, the smell of it filling your nostrils. The taste of it on your tongue.

If you are lucky, I may pay you some attention while you work. I might call you a good boy, stroke your hair so you have the pleasure of my soft hands touching your scalp. Or I may press my other heel into your back. Just a reminder of your place. Who owns you. Each painful stiletto stab a reminder of who owns you. A reminder that will sting long after I have left you.

I might also ignore you. Talk on the phone to my friends while you work. Do my nails. Answer the many emails I get. Things more important than you.

It really depends on my mood.

All you need to worry about is how clean you are getting those boots of mine. How lucky you are to be allowed to taste that leather. How your tongue feels as it traces over the sole, not knowing where I have been walking. Can you the floors I have walked on? The sweat of other men I have squashed beneath them?

You need to be aware of how much privilege you have by being allowed to kneel in my presence and worship at the feet of your Mistress.

I have a lot of boots. A lot of shoes. All shapes and sizes. They all need to be kept clean. Are you the submissive slave who will take on this task? Will you be the one who feels the soft brush of my Louboutin Very Prives on your tongue? The tempting smell of the very expensive leather? Will you feel the sharp stab of the spiked heel of a pair of my Valentinos on your back as you prostrate yourself before my throne? Will you show my black leather Giaro boots the respect they deserve? Are you sure you are even worthy to be in the same room as them, never mind touch their shiny leather with your tongue?

You had better be. You do not want to know the consequences of not doing this task to my strict standards. Each part of my collection is special to me. I take great pains to ensure that those who are tasked with taking care of it are capable of doing their job properly. If you are my shoe and boot slave, you need to learn how to do it properly.

But do not worry. I will train you. You will practise on lesser shoes first. Nothing designer. Some basic day to day shoes. You will practise until you can make them shine with your tongue alone. I will watch and judge and decide when you are allowed to progress up the scale to the next shoe. Something a little more prestigious.  If you impress me, you will move up again, and again, until you are finally ready. Ready to press your tongue onto my most precious footwear.

If you feel you are ready, contact me to book.