Dominant woman stands in a dungeon with a riding crop“I want you to do something for me, slave.”

Her voice is one I cannot ignore. Always calm, always even. A soft cadence that hides a powerful will. When she speaks, my mind is hardwired to obey. Each syllable a blessing on my ears.

“Come here and kneel at my feet.”

Of course, I obey. Is there really any choice? I am hers. Her property. Her voice is coded into my brain, her commands are law. I kneel at her feet because that is what she asks of me.

This is the voice of Mistress Sakura Strike. A gentle wave that hides the force of a powerful river. It draws you to her. You become entranced by her. Her voice holds you captive more than any rope or chain. Her words when you disappoint her cut deeper than any whip.

Imagine yourself restrained. Naked in a chair or lying on a bed, a soft breeze playing over your exposed skin. You are strapped down tight so you cannot move. A hood smothers your face in darkness, a gag fills your mouth. There are ear plugs blocking your ears. You are breathing only through two very small holes in the leather of the hood, each breath loud in your blocked ears. You have no sense of where you are, can feel nothing except for the cool air against your skin. You cannot see, cannot hear, cannot speak, cannot move. Is she in the room with you? Is anyone else with her? You do not know. Despite how much you trust your Mistress, there is a touch of fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of whatever it is she has planned for you.

And then there is a crackle. A sudden noise when you believed there could not be any. Your heart jumps. The ear plugs are actually ear buds. Your one connection to the outside world and they are linked to…

“Good evening, my slave, we are going to have so much fun tonight.”

Her voice. Her hypnotic voice direct to your ears. Each syllable a caress. There is no escape from her words. She will whisper in your ear, bend you to her will. Condition you to serve only her.
Can you imagine that? Her voice the only comfort in the night, the salve to sooth the pains and torments she is about to inflict.

I can because I experienced it. It is why I can no longer resist her voice.